Zuckerberg’s Congressional Testimony A Sham, CEO Will Not Be…

For many Americans, the idea of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg being dragged in front of a congressional committee is a dream come true, given the popular website’s recently uncovered shenanigans when it comes to user data.

Undoubtedly one of, if not the most visited website in the Western Hemisphere, Facebook has grown at a rate that has kept regulators and legislators off of the social network’s radar.  Simply put, the nation has never before seen such a powerful publishing and broadcasting tool, and both Zuckerberg and the authorities are in over their heads on how to keep everything on the up and up.

Obviously, Facebook has a responsibility to provide a platform in which we aren’t forced to witness the gruesome, lewd, or ultra-violent, but Zuckerberg and company have gone far beyond that simple omission, actively working to shape the appearance of the American national narrative through selective censorship.  Particularly, Facebook’s complete decimation of the conservative side of the story has been particularly worrisome, especially given the rampant successes of populist President Donald Trump who the network shuns with a purpose.

Now, after a nasty data breach that allowed Facebook users’ information to be gathered without consent, Mark Zuckerberg is headed to Washington D.C. to face the music.

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Well, sort of.

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes the stand before a joint congressional panel on Tuesday, he will not be under oath, Breitbart News has learned. But he will be required by federal statute to tell the truth, and if he lies he could face serious legal consequences.

A senior Senate GOP aide helping organize the joint Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Commerce Committee hearing told Breitbart News that it is standard practice not to swear witnesses like this in under oath. But they are required by law to tell the truth, the aide says.

“He won’t be under oath, but he is under legal obligation to tell the truth,” the Senate aide told Breitbart News of Zuckerberg.\

Reminds us more than a little of the treatment given to Hillary Clinton during the FBI investigation into her illegal and immoral email server back in 2016.

Why on earth would the U.S. legislature drag Zuckerberg to Washington only to question him casually.  It could have something to do with Facebook’s massive lobbying payouts to a majority of the congressional leaders lined up to “interrogate” the CEO.

Since 2007, the social media giant has contributed a cumulative $381,000 to 46 of the 55 members on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which will hear from Zuckerberg on Wednesday.

While the average committee member received between $6,750 and $6,800, Committee Chair Greg Walden (R-OR) received $27,000, and top ranking Democrat Frank Pallone of New Jersey received $7,000 from Facebook.

Rep. Anna Eschoo (D-CA), whose district is adjacent to Facebook headquarters and home to many Facebook employees, received the most from Facebook at $55,150 since 2007. Eschoo narrowly lost a battle with Pallone for ranking Democrat position on the committee in the 2014 election.

Is this what we will allow to pass for “justice” in this day and age?  Is this bribery going to go unnoticed while Zuckerberg feigns concern?

Of course it is.  Facebook is the leftist media’s last hope for relevancy in a world where legacy outlets such as CNN and The New York Times are rationing their payroll and turning to hyperbole for ratings.

The interview that we’ll see later today is a sham.  A farce.  A joke.  We The People should pay no mind to its results.

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