Zuckerberg To Get Congressional Tongue Lashing After Data Scandal

There are a thousand arguments to be made for the wholesale hatred of Facebook, not the least of which directly involve CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The social media platform is undoubtedly one of the most visited websites on the planet, with well over two billion users.  Furthermore, Facebook’s ability to act as a business interface, cash transfer system, instant messenger, and advertising space has transformed what was once a college peer to peer network into The Internet 2.0.  For whatever societal benefits this omnipotence of self has, there are certain undeniable downfalls as well.

In the post-Facebook era, anyone can be a celebrity.  While this has certainly worked wonders early adopters of the platform, the latest generation of users have been too busy smoking laundry detergent in a dangerous and dumbfounding attempt to get famous.

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There is little to no explanation for the recent over-memeing of social media, with every little peculiarity of the internet being hashed and rehashed into oblivion in recent months.  It’s an incestuous reverberation of dumb-culture gone wild, and Facebook is right at the heart of it all, assigning “points” to your online persona by judging your interactions with “likes” and “shares”.

Make no mistake about it, Facebook isn’t simply for sharing.  It’s competitive, and it’s making humans less humane in the process.

Worse still, Facebook has proven time and again to be reckless, with yet another massive data scandal breaking late last week – an incident that will see Mark Zuckerberg testify in front of congress next week.  During that testimony, any doubt that The Zuck would get hammered on the stand have long been squashed by Buddy Carter.

Congressman Carter, a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, told Breitbart News he hopes to get a sense from Zuckerberg how seriously he will handle the company’s privacy scandal. Carter also argued that we must hold social media companies, such as Facebook, accountable.

“I want to know what happened. How did it happen? What [have you] done to make sure it does not happen again? What kind of safeguards have you put in place? How are you going to notify people from now on? I think those are some obvious questions. I think what I am looking for from Mr. Zuckerberg is a sense of how serious he is taking this and how serious Facebook is taking this. We have had so many hearings and breaches in cybersecurity in our country, and people are very concerned about this, and they are looking to Congress for solutions regarding their private information,” Carter told Breitbart News.

Then, as if to hint at a possible governmental regulation of the site:

Congressman Carter concluded, “I think the message for next week is going to be clear: unless you get it right, look for us to make you get it right.”

Facebook has long hidden their monopoly under the guise of being a private company whose services no one needs to use.  Unfortunately, given the massive integration schedule of the network, along with their plans to make the internet as we know it obsolete, this won’t be the case for long.

And, based on the stern language of Congressman Carter, it seems as though the network may get their first taste of such medicine as early as Wednesday.

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