YouTube Restricts ANALYSIS of Rap Video, But Not The Rap Video Itself!

I would not be surprised to find out, years from now, that 2018 was widely considered to be the ultimate climax of societal absurdity in America.

Think about it; has there ever been a time between today and the Boston Tea Party, where Free Speech was this thoroughly being attacked?  We are a nation of freedoms…that’s the entire point of the American experiment, and it is a point worth making day in and day out.  We are Free with a capital “F”, and that should never be truer than when we speak of the First Amendment itself.

In reality, all discourse in our nation is predicted on this fact, and it drives us to to strive as human beings.  We live in a nation where you, your neighbor, your boss, the gas station attendant, and the Wall Street banker can all equally tell each other to take a long walk off of a short pier.  There are plenty of places on planet earth where that is not the case, and we should all be thanking the Lord daily that we aren’t living in that proverbial there.

And that’s why we expected to be able to analyze a hugely symbolic piece of art that came to us last week in the form of a music video by Donald Glover, aka, Childish Gambino.

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There is a whole lot to unpack here, and not all of it fits nicely into the liberal narrative that has been assigned to Glover’s work by the mainstream media.

As the world continues to unpack the incredibly dense symbolism of the video, and the song itself, one journalist in particular is being discriminated against by YouTube, who has restricted the piece that he published regarding the short film.

YouTube has issued a warning to users who attempt to watch Paul Joseph Watson’s latest video, in which he talks about the left-wing political undertones of Childish Gambino’s music video for “This Is America.”

Viewers who attempt to watch the video are greeted with a notice from YouTube which reads: “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”

Users then have to accept the warning before they can watch the video, while YouTube also disabled comments, sharing, likes, and recommended videos on the page.

In the video, Watson criticized the music video and claimed that it promoted a “social justice narrative,” which acts as the “antidote to everything Kanye has been saying for the past few weeks.”

After a great deal of pushback, YouTube finally released Watson’s take on Glover’s artistic endeavor, but the fact that it was ever considered for censorship in the first place is patently absurd and wholly inexcusable.

A journalist’s opinion on the message behind a piece of art must never be stymied, censored, or otherwise relegated to land of tyrannical obsolescence.  This is a dangerous, dictatorial path that the left is leading us down, and when we are trained to fear our own interpretations, how can we truly be free?.  I thought this was America.

And, in case you were wondering what was so blatantly horrific about Paul Joseph Watson’s take on the Childish Gambino video, have a look for yourself now that YouTube has finally erred on the side of Constitutional freedom.


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