YouTube Looks to Be Truth-Decider in Authoritarian “News” Push

We are entering a terrifying new world for the idea of truth, as we have allowed the gatekeepers to hold sole sway over who is allowed to see that inalienable and righteous resource.

Yes, I understand just how grandiose that sounds; that truth will somehow be mitigated by the whims of misguided men, but it is far more real a concern than many would have ever guessed.  You see, we no longer allow the truth to be published in books and peer-reviewed articles.  The reason being is that, as a species, we have a tool now that allows us to see the ways in which our fellow man has corrupted the truth.  They put their brand on the truth, and without their seal, it is not their truth.

Snopes, for example, has become the de facto fact checking service of Google.  If you attempt to research any controversial headline through a simple Google search, the results you requested will be obscured by Snopes first, letting you know whether or not they believe your query to be of merit.

This isn’t freedom; this is gatekeeping.  

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You, YouTube is looking to get into the fascism game, declaring themselves the sole decider of “truth” on their platform as well.

Following similar announcements by Facebook and Apple, YouTube has announced that it will directly fund a selection of handpicked “authoritative news sources”, which it will then artificially promote to its users.

YouTube announced the plan in a blog post earlier today. The company revealed that one of the news organizations they plan to collaborate with is Vox Media, owner of Vox, The Verge, Polygon, and other publications known for far-left bias.

Google, YouTube’s parent company, has already committed $300 million to fund “quality journalism,” without any transparency as to what the company considers “quality journalism,” who makes the decision, or how.

YouTube will commit $25 million to funding news. This will include a working group with news organizations and “experts” around the world to help the site develop new product features.

So, what will make the cut?  That question can easily be answered by following the money.

YouTube is going to be beholden to their advertising partners’ wishes in this endeavor, and, should any opinions be formed that do not conform to those opinions, YouTube will likely find a way to keep those revenue-producers fulfilled.

This makes YouTube just another victim of the legacy media’s own corporate cancer.

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