YouTube Feeling Effects of “#ElsaGate” After Months of Reddit Warnings

While there are a plethora of bizarre and disturbing conspiracy theories to be traversed all over social media, it seems that some of Reddit’s most disturbing content has come to the mainstream.

For months, perhaps years, the folks over at Reddit, Infowars, and a number of other fringe theory websites have been discussing the idea that the “illuminati”, or “the powers that be”, (TPTB for short), are all part of a an enormous secret society who trade in sexual contact with children.

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Yes, it’s a little bizarre, and more than a little creepy, but the diehard conspiracy theorists of the internet are all at least familiar with the concept, if not outright convinced of it.

Lately, a lot of their collective finger pointing has been aimed at YouTube over a controversy dubbed #ElsaGate, named after the Disney character from the wildly popular children’s movie Frozen.  These internet sleuths have discovered a number of highly disturbing videos hidden behind code words on the YouTube platform, meant to target children.  The true nature of these videos, found when searches for “Elsa” and other Disney characters are conducted, often with misspelled words, contain gory scenes of violence and bizarrely sexual behavior.

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Just days ago, YouTube’s auto-complete function was also revealed to show a startling set of algorithm-based queries that alluded to sexual intercourse with children as well.

Now, YouTube is facing an exodus of advertisers over the issue.

“Major companies have suspended advertising campaigns on YouTube after their ads were displayed with videos depicting children in threatening situations—while the tech giant investigates ‘disturbing’ autofill results that users flagged over the weekend.

“The Wall Street Journal reports that Mars Inc., Adidas and Diageo, maker of spirits including Tanqueray and Captain Morgan, have suspended their advertising on YouTube.

“The videos were highlighted in a BuzzFeed report that described a “’vast, disturbing, and wildly popular universe of videos’ that included live-action footage of children depicted in compromising situations. YouTube took down some videos and responded by saying it would do a better job of enforcing its community guidelines.
“Dozens of users have also claimed that YouTube’s autofill results include phrases that promote pedophilia—for example, typing ‘how to have’ into the search box brought up ‘how to have s*x with your kids.’”

While YouTube will likely keep the rest of their responses to this crisis to themselves, those internet intelligence agents who are keen to the ploy will likely continue to cook up more theories about the true nature of the disgusting revelations.

Whether or not this bit of horrendous reality will tie in nicely with the overarching theme of the child-sex illuminati conspiracy has yet to be seen, but the timing of this discovery, occurring so soon after Hollywood’s sexual awakening, certainly gives these conspiracy researchers a reason to continue their work…for better or for worse.

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