Young Syrian Refugee Tortures Elderly Woman to DEATH in Germany


Germany has become a hotbed of refugee violence and migrant-induced disparity over the course of the last several months.

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Suffering from an asinine open borders policy, spearheaded by leftist and globalist Angela Merkel, the German people are frustrated and fed up with their government’s seeming unwillingness to install safeguards to protect them from the threat of unmitigated migration.  From the onset, stories of violence and sexual assaults peaking in migrant-heavy suburbs have dominated the news cycle in Deutschland, and many believe that the massive increase in terror attacks in Germany is related.

Now, an even more heinous crime has been committed by an extremely young Syrian refugee.

Diversity Macht Frei., March 4, 2017:

“‘Almost three months after a pensioner was found dead in Cottbus, the police have found a suspect. The young man was arrested in the city on Wednesday, said the Cottbus prosecutor’s office and the police.’

“‘An arrest order due to suspicion of murder was issued. According to the investigators the suspect was a “young Syrian citizen” at the time of the offence, who came to Germany in 2015 accompanied by a guardian. The prosecutor’s office did not disclose his exact age.’

“The Cottbus mayor Holger Kelch (CDU) called for calm in a statement published on the city website. ‘We know that the background of the suspected perpetrator will stir up emotion,’ he said. Satisfaction about the success of the investigation is mixed with concern ‘that now all foreigners living in Cottbus are under general suspicion,’ the city statement read.”

The pensioner mentioned in the story was an 82-year old woman who, according to initial reports, was found “tortured to death” at the hands of this young refugee.


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