North Korea

Yet Another U.S. Ally Sends Armaments to Korean Peninsula Ahead of Possible Conflict

President Donald Trump has again warned the world that there is the distinct possibility of a “major, major conflict” brewing on the Korean Peninsula, and now another U.S. ally is headed to the region.

The United States, who are deploying the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and accompanying strike group to the are, are being joined by Japanese warships in the waters off of North Korea, in a  show of force designed to influence Kim Jong Un into submission.  China and Russia have also been active in the area, deploying troops and military machinery to their respective borders with the hermit kingdom in recent weeks.

Now, as North Korea has fired off yet another missile test, this one failing spectacularly just seconds after liftoff, yet another U.S. ally is sending serious weaponry to the beleaguered region.

“As tension spikes on the Korean peninsula, a French amphibious assault carrier sailed into Japan’s naval base of Sasebo on Saturday ahead of drills that risk upsetting China, which faces U.S. pressure to rein in North Korea’s arms programs.

“The Mistral will lead exercises next month near Guam, along with forces from Japan, the United States and Britain, practicing amphibious landings around Tinian, an island about 2,500 km (1,553 miles) south of the Japanese capital of Tokyo.

“The drills, involving 700 troops, were planned before Saturday’s test-firing of a ballistic missile by North Korea, in defiance of world pressure, in what would be its fourth successive unsuccessful missile test since March.

“Japan and the United States are worried by China’s efforts to extend its influence beyond its coastal waters and the South China Sea by acquiring power-projecting aircraft carriers, a concern shared by France, which controls several Pacific islands, including New Caledonia and French Polynesia.”

Kim Jong Un’s complete refusal to adhere to international law has put him and his despotic dictatorships directly in the crosshairs of the United States, who have unequivocally stated that North Korea shall not be allowed to acquire nuclear weaponry.  With President Donald Trump already on the offensive, the unpredictable and often provocative Kim has refused to stand down, leading many to believe that war is inevitable.

North Korea has a long and horrific history of human rights violations and governmental overreach, even going so far as to install concentration camps, according to political defectors of the secretive nation.


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