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Yet Another Radical Islamist Arrested in London After Threats

England has been besieged by radical Islam in recent weeks, with dual terror attacks occurring across the European nation within just days of one another.

There is no doubt that the British government’s relaxed and foolish border policies, brought on due to the Syrian refugee crisis, are contributing to this horrific Ramadan uptick in deadly attacks.  ISIS and other caliphate-based organizations are openly exploiting Europe’s shortsighted goodwill to move radical Islamic terror cells all throughout the European continent, and the holy time of Ramadan has traditionally been a time of enhanced terrorist activity.

While thankfully not on par with the scope of other recent incidents in the UK, yet another disturbing incident has taken place, centering around a lone Muslim man and his threats against those within earshot.

“A man has been arrested after roaming the streets of Stamford Hill in north London while shouting ‘Allah, Allah’ and ‘I’m Going to Kill You All’ at passers-by. He was sanctioned under the Mental Health Act after being questioned by police.

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“Officers were called to the scene in Lealand Road, Stamford Hill, early Wednesday morning.

 “Volunteers with the North East London Shomrim, a Jewish neighbourhood watch organisation, raised the alarm: ‘Shomrim followed a man in Stamford Hill shouting “Allah, Allah” and “I’m going to kill you all” their Tweet said.”
The area in which the threats took place is an historically Jewish community, reiterating the fact that radical Islam is not targeting freedom or democracy with their terror.
Instead, it has become increasingly apparent that the caliphate fighters of these jihadist warlords are interested only in eradicating any and all religions that aren’t Islam.  It’s not an ideology which they hope to squash, but, rather, any and all theologies that do not recognize the Prophet Muhammed.  While this has been obvious for quite some time in the world of no-bias news, the mainstream media is still actively pushing the democratic narrative that ISIS hates America, freedom, democracy, and so on.  The truth of the matter is that, were the United States a Muslim nation, we would not be a target for these heinous attacks.
Political correctness has tainted our ability to properly protect ourselves from terror.  The reality of radical Islam must be faced with every possible advantage, yet the left and the progressive mindset will not allow for the hard facts to be employed against those who wish us harm.  Instead, we have lunatics such as the disgraced Hillary Clinton suggesting that we should do our best to “understand” the culture of terror, perhaps try “their food” to best broker peace.

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