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Yet Another Mysterious Death of an Anti-Hillary Operative and GOP Donor

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Political conspiracy theorists are going to have a heyday with the latest news out of Minnesota that discloses yet another mysterious death connected to Hillary Clinton.

In recent weeks, the mainstream media has begrudgingly avoided the story of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer believed to have been responsible for a massive leak of democratic party emails to Wikileaks. These emails, along with a myriad of other concerns, contributed to dooming Hillary Clinton’s hopes of winning the White House in November of 2016.  Rich was mysteriously murdered weeks after he was first suspected of the move toward political transparency in what police are referring to as a “botched robbery”.  Causing confusion among those versed in the “robbery” is the fact that Rich’s wallet, cell phone, and watch were all still present on his body when it was found.

Now, a top republican donor who had attempted to retrieve even more of Hillary Clinton’s emails has been found dead of an apparent suicide in a hotel room in Minnesota, leaving a note stating simply “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER”.

“A GOP donor and opposition researcher who said he tried to work with Russian hackers to retrieve deleted emails from a private server used by Hillary Clinton, has died in a suicide, according to public records cited in a Chicago Tribune report.

“Peter Smith killed himself days after an interview with The Wall Street Journal in which he said he sought out Russian hackers to try to retrieve some 33,000 deleted Clinton emails and pass them to Michael Flynn, then a campaign adviser to Donald Trump.

“Death records from Minnesota show that Smith, 81, died in a hotel of ‘asphyxiation due to displacement of oxygen in confined space with helium’ on May 14. Smith was found with a note that said there was ‘NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER’ regarding his death.

“Smith also apologized to the authorities for his death and attributed his final decision to a ‘recent bad turn in health,’ according to the records cited by the Tribune, which reported that he also said his $5 million life insurance policy was close to expiring.”

Hillary Clinton’s supposed trail of bodies has had many amateur investigators staying up late at night, conversing with like-minded individuals on internet message boards and the like.

Certainly, death by helium is a strange way to go, and the obscure note’s ominous 4-word message will have many questioning whether or not authorities are simply being dismissive of other, more nefarious possibilities.  In the case of Seth Rich, what little mainstream media attention that was given to the case was swiftly squashed by unseen forces, with high-ranking television pundits such as Sean Hannity curiously and abruptly issuing a statement that he would no longer be pursuing the story, leading many of these amateur investigators to more questions than answers.

We can imagine that Peter Smith’s death will receive little to no airtime whatsoever based upon the precedent set by the Seth Rich coverup.

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