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Yet Another Instance About Stormy’s Lawyer’s Incompetence Revealed!

In the future, after Donald Trump has come and gone from the White House, someone will write an incredible book about the mainstream media’s demise during the era of our first modern Citizen President.

There is no scenario in which this cannot occur.  The sheer inanity of it all has been unbelievable, with a myriad of nonsensical narratives and democratically-driven diatribes to quote from, many with their own unique set of circumstances in which they operate, as if they reside in some sort of bizarre parallel political universe.

Take #RussiaGate, for example.

The idea that Russians were somehow puppeteering the Trump campaign first came to the public via Hillary Clinton in the fall of 2016, presumably within days of her staff seeing the writing on the wall in terms of the election itself.  In a last ditch effort to delegitimize Donald Trump, Clinton began accusing the republican candidate of being in the pocket of Vladimir Putin during the September debates.  Americans learned, just yesterday, that this was because of a secret, ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign that was being conducted by Barack Obama’s FBI at the time, all but confirming that Clinton and Obama were actively working to subvert democracy at that time.

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Now, in an even more absurd attack on the sitting President, an aging former porn start named Stormy Daniels is attempting to convince the world that she’s worthy of some attention as well, by claiming that she once slept with Donald Trump some dozen years ago.  This is almost certainly a simple publicity stunt in order to bolster her “Make America Horny Again Tour”, that was crisscrossing the country in recent weeks.

In the Stormy saga, most of the incredulous action as of late has come from the actress’ lawyer Michael Avenatti, who himself has been a comedy of errors to behold in recent days.

Not only did Avenatti accidentally serve a number of lawyers named Michael Cohen with legal paperwork, many of whom have no connection to Donald Trump, but the litigious lunatic has also been accused of horrifically anti-female behavior in a previous business incarnation.

Now, to make matters even worse, Avenatii has been accused by his soon-to-be ex-wife of skirting his responsibility in their divorce proceedings as well.

Lawyer Michael Avenatti is too busy defending porn star Stormy Daniels to attend to important business involving his own wife – who desperately wants a divorce, she told Fox News.

The ubiquitous attorney, who has become CNN’s favorite prime time guest, represents the porn queen, who claims she had a 2006 fling with President Trump and believes Trump is defaming her by denying it. But while he is basking in the limelight, his wife says their divorce proceedings have stalled.

“I need to be divorced and if [Michael Avenatti] continues to paint the narrative, he can ignore our case!” Lisa Storie-Avenatti wrote in a text message from their home in Newport Beach, Calif. Storie did not explain what she meant by “the narrative” and how exactly Avenatti was ignoring the divorce.

Storie married Avenatti in 2011. Just months before he started pursuing the legal challenge against Trump, he filed for divorce. Court records claim Storie kicked him out of the house and changed the locks.

Some champion of women, eh?

It’s far past time for Avenatti and his ridiculous behavior to vanish from our rear view mirrors, but, thanks to the mainstream media, the Stormy Daniels story has stuck around like the avian feces that the wipers just won’t clean.


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