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Yet ANOTHER False Missile Alert Frightens Citizens, This Time In…

While 2017 may have seemed like the world had reached peak-wacky, 2018 is definitely planning on giving last year a run for its money.

We’ve found ourselves running headfirst into 2018 with a few issues leftover from last year, that may or may not be resolved anytime soon.  On the global scaled, one of the most worrisome of these issues happens to be the ongoing saga of North Korea and how they interact with the rest of the international community.

Kim Jong Un, the madman of Pyongyang, has long been a thorn in the side of global diplomacy, but, like the radical left of America, the dainty despot really ramped up his rhetoric in the wake of Donald Trump’s ascension to President.  Perhaps Kim saw a new adversary, with an unconventional political style, whom Kim believed he could run circles around diplomatically.

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Spoiler alert:  Nope.

Now, Kim has drawn the ire of the sitting President, and the military leaders that he has surrounded himself with, and is staring down the barrel of an enormous American Armed Forces buildup within earshot that includes the most advanced jet fighters in the world, and the planet’s most sophisticated nuclear bombers.  Given the heat on the doorstep, Kim has seemingly calmed down just a bit.

That quiet could be deceptive however, and the people of Hawaii still have Kim’s nuclear arsenal very well ingrained in their psyches, especially after a bizarre incident this weekend in which the island state’s citizens were rattled by a bizarre alert on their telephones.

For 38 minutes, (only 5 minutes for law enforcement, however), the people of Hawaii were led to believe that an alert sent directly to their cell phones was real.  The message stated that an inbound ballistic missile had been detected, and, in all caps, “THIS IS NOT A DRILL”.  For nearly an hour, horrified Hawaiians gathered their families and their treasured belongings, preparing for the worst.

Then, finally and thankfully, a message was disseminated that put an end to the terror.  The alert was merely a training accident.

Oddly enough, Japanese citizens can now commiserate with those frightened Hawaiians, after an eerily similar incident occurred mere days later.

“A Japanese broadcaster has issued a false North Korea ballistic missile alarm just days after a phone alert warning of a possible strike caused panic across Hawaii.

“The NHK network sent out the warning urging people to take shelter on its internet and mobile news sites as well as on Twitter today but apologised and corrected the error within minutes.

“It was not immediately clear what caused the false alarm which comes amid heightened tensions between Tokyo and Pyongyang.

“Last year, Kim Jong-un‘s regime fired a test missile over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, where thousands were awoken by air-raid sirens.

“Today’s false television alert comes just three days after a blunder caused more than a million people in Hawaii to fear that they were about to be struck by a nuclear missile.”

Japan has long been in range for the tyrannical hermit kingdom, but the latest technological advancements from North Korea make Kim Jong Un’s possibilities seem almost endless.

The bizarre set of alerts could all be coincidence, as authorities currently believe, but their proximity to one another does little to quell the fears of those looking beyond the “oops” excuses.


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