For YEARS Hollywood Attacked the Catholic Church for Sex Scandals While Hiding Their Own Crimes

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Hollywood liberals who make movies, write TV shows, and host late night comedy shows have spent decades attacking the Catholic Church for its sex scandals, but with the Harvey Weinstein scandal finally broken wide open, we find that Hollywood’s anti-Catholic bluster was little else but empty moralizing papering over many decades of sexual abuse scandals of their own.

Hollywood hypocrites spun many tales excoriating the church for the its decades of cases of pedophile priests. Movies began rolling out of Hollywood as early as 1992 with the film entitled, The Boys of St. Vincent , a movie set in a Catholic orphanage in Newfoundland.

The 1992 film was only the beginning of a slew of films including the 2004 Academy-Award-nominated film, Twist of Faith, the 2006 film Hand of God, and Amy Berg’s 2006 documentary, Deliver Us From Evil.

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Indeed, just months before the Harvey Weinstein scandal erupted, Hollywood took another run at the Catholic Church’s troubles with a star-studded dramatization of the Boston Globe’s work to report on the Church’s scandals, with the 2016 film, Spotlight.

Spotlight, starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and others, even won Best Picture at the Oscars last year.

The Oscar win forced Boston’s Archbishop to remark, “We continue to seek the forgiveness of all who have been harmed by the tragedy of clergy sexual abuse.”

Yet, even as stern-faced members of the Hollywood elite were patting themselves on the back for “exposing” the Catholic Church’s scandals — and there is no denying how horrendous those scandals were — these entertainment industry creeps were tsk-tsking the Church all the while hiding and ignoring their own decades of sex scandals. Worse, they were also pressuring victims to remain quiet about their abuse, just as they attacked the Catholic Church for doing.

Let me say that again: worse these same Hollywood elites were forcing teenagers, women, and even gay men to remain quiet about the abuse they had suffered for decades.

The common threads of these two scandals were not lost on Jim McDermott, a writer who confessed his unease at Hollywood’s burgeoning sex scandal. McDermott penned a long piece published in October by America The Jesuit Review that pointed out how similar the scandals are.

“Living in Los Angeles and watching the cascade of horror that is the unraveling story of Hollywood uber-exec Harvey Weinstein and his abuses of women, I have had a strange sense of déjà vu,” McDermott wrote. “I was a seminarian studying for the priesthood in Boston in January 2002 when The Boston Globe began publishing its astonishing series of articles on child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.”

“Those reports began a lot like the Weinstein story, with allegations surrounding one man, John Geoghan, who had been committing horrific acts of abuse for decades throughout the Archdiocese of Boston,” McDermott noted.

Indeed, McDermott is exactly right. The Weinstein scandal broke wide open only about a month ago after an article in The New Yorker by Ronan Farrow was released. Farrow’s article became one of the biggest stories of the year despite the fact that news agency after news agency turned Farrow and his article away.

Since Farrow’s piece busted the Weinstein scandal wide open, a dozen members of the liberal Hollywood elite have found their fortunes turned sour with accusations of harassment. The latest whose past has caught up with him is Movie and TV star Kevin Spacey who just lost his acclaimed Netflix series over accusations that he sexually abused teenage boys in his past.

So, while Hollywood spent decades smearing the Catholic Church for its scandals, one has to wonder… will Hollywood spend the next 30 years making movies ripping its own members for sexually abusing the powerless in their own midst?

I’ll bet you can answer that question.

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