Yankees’ Fans Display Mass Patriotism While NFL Continues to Crumble

Baseball has almost always been considered America’s pastime, and with good reason:  The sport itself is incredibly ingrained in our culture, and is one of the top exports that we ship out to the world, culturally.

It’s a game of both strength and wit, with a stop and go, frenetic pace that almost mimics the American experience itself.  Use your skill to travel, both through the innings and around the bases, and beat your opponent to the finish line with more successful plays than they had.

It’s manifest destiny, condensed, and littered with peanut shells and Cracker Jack boxes.  Sure, there were some dark times out there, particularly in this new era of performance enhancing drugs and blatant cheaters like Barry Bonds, but baseball will always be endearing.

Now, while the NFL struggles to remain relevant after finding themselves caught between their patriotic spectators and petulant players, a group of fans at Yankee stadium have made a rather enormous political point.

And who was behind this brazen stunt?

No one knows just how the Trump fans smuggled the massive banner into the stadium. But chances are they aren’t residents of the Bronx, home of Yankee Stadium, because just 5% of the residents in the borough voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

If this sort of patriotism and political hope can find its way into the democratic stronghold of New York City, we’re just waiting to see what happens when Trump fans put their minds to something down here in Braves Country, or at a UGA football game come the fall.

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