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Yale Study Takes Mainstream Media to The Woodshed Over “Fake News” Designations

There is very little left of the legitimate mainstream media that we knew as young Americans, and even less will be available for our children to examine.

This is thanks to a concerted effort by the radical left to tamper with the First Amendment in such a way that thoughts, ideas, and opinions that run contrary to their narrative will be routed completely from our society.

It’s happening everywhere.  Facebook, Twitter, and Google have all pledged their allegiance to their liberal overlords, and have begun censoring content that doesn’t adhere to their leftist beliefs.  Worse yet, these internet entities are allowing their users to “flag” content that they disagree with in order to help weed out the opinions that they find offensive.

The real question, however, is whether or not any of this bizarre designation works to curb the advent of “fake news”, as the media claims.  The answer seems to be a resounding “no”, all thanks to the mainstream media’s complete and utter failure to provide Americans with the truth.

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“A Yale University study on the effectiveness of combatting ‘fake news’ underlines what the rest of the country already knew: Americans no longer trust the media to tell the truth.

“The study, entitled ‘Assessing the Effect of ‘Disputed’ Warnings and Source Salience on Perceptions of Fake News Accuracy,’ put 24 news stories from 2016-2017 in front of 7,500 participants. Half of the stories presented were true, and half were fabricated. Those involved in the study were asked to rate the accuracy of a random selection of 12 of the headlines. The study was further divided into groups. In the first, the stories were presented as-is. In the second, fake news was tagged as ‘disputed.’

“But the most interesting data set was buried deep and only unearthed with the help of artificial intelligence. When processed by a machine learning algorithm, an intriguing pattern emerged that surprised the researchers themselves.

“The problem seems to be exaggerated among younger people. 18-25-year old participants in the control group believed fewer of the true stories than their elders to be real at 57.1%, and more of the false ones, at 21.1%. In the group that analyzed flagged stories, the problem actually worsened. While the flags made young people 3.1% more likely to identify true stories as such, they also identified 4.4% more fake news as real.

“Psychologist David Rand is ‘not sure what explains this,’ but acknowledges that ‘it means that this is a really big problem.’ He suspects it has something to do with an overall decline in media trust. Furthermore, the measures seem least effective with the people for whom they have been engineered. According to Rand, ‘for the people who are most reliant on social media for their news, they are the ones who the warning doesn’t do anything and there’s a huge backfire.’ That is even more worrying when you consider that 67% of Americans rely on social media as a news source.”

As you can see from the study, the mainstream media itself has lost control of the American viewer.

This comes as little surprise to those of us relying on the Free Press to stay educated on our modern world, but it will likely be skewered by those mainstream outlets that have been affected by the study.  Organizations such as CNN, NBC, and The New York Times have all been the subject of massive bouts of distrust, thanks to their obvious slant that was exacerbated by the 2016 presidential election and subsequent coverage of the Trump presidency.  Now that the establishment in Washington is running scared, these media outlets are finding themselves on a sinking ship with no lifeboats to save them.

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