If Wyoming Supreme Court bows to Rainbow Jihad free speech dies

The Wyoming Supreme Court is looking at a case that has implications for all of us.

The Wyoming Supreme Court will be deciding soon on the fate of Judge Ruth Neely. Judge Ruth Neely is a municipal judge in Pinedale, Wyoming. Municipal justices have no authority to issue marriage licenses.  It’s not their department. Regardless, according to the Wyoming Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics, too bad. The CJCE is an arm of the Rainbow Jihad. Judge Neely’s thoughts on marriage are on trial.

A reporter from the Sublette Examiner called Judge Neely to ask if she was “excited” to perform same-sex marriages. It was only because she had accepted a part-time job as a circuit court magistrate that this question had any relevance at all. In that unpaid position, she was authorized, but not obligated, to solemnize marriages. She gave a perfectly reasonable reply. She said that if she were ever asked, she would help the couple find someone to do the job. However, she would “not be able to do” it herself.

Based on this solitary exchange about a hypothetical scenario, the commission has been waging what they call a “holy war” against her for more than a year. They are not content to send her a letter clarifying what she should have done, nor even a letter of reprimand. Instead, they are leveling the greatest possible punishment allowable by law—and the implications of their arguments are chilling.

Public comments that are perceived as rejecting the Rainbow Jihad will be punished. That’s what the Wyoming Supreme Court is going to decide.

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It’s interesting that Ruth Bader Ginsberg presided over a gay wedding before making her decision on gay marriage at the US Supreme Court. Somehow that kind of  bias is ok. However, Judge Neely, who in her own mind is against gay marriage, must be punished by the Rainbow Jihad. These “so called” civil rights commissions are popping up all over the country. They are a merry band of Marxists who are un-elected. Civil Rights commissions like the one in Wyoming seek to punish all those who won’t bow to the Rainbow Jihad. The separation of church and state is only violated when you bring your thoughts and beliefs in God to the public square.  We are no longer allowed to call any sin a sin, thanks to the Rainbow Jihad. Justices allowed to sit on the bench must have no moral compass whatsoever.

If the Wyoming Supreme Court decides in favor of the this un-appointed civil rights commission, say goodbye to Free Speech.

Perhaps this civil rights commission has such a super weak case that it will be shot down. If I had to guess, that’s probably the case. However, realize the Rainbow Jihad is trolling for a similar case like this that they can march towards SCOTUS.  If they succeed, realize that the real persecution of the Church in America truly begins.

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