WWII Female Pilots to be Buried at Arlington National Cemetery

The WASPs (Women’s Air Force Service Pilots) will finally be laid to rest and honored in its national cemetery.

HR 4336 was signed into law by the President on May 20, 2016, a victory for the families who sought to bury their loved ones at Arlington National Cemetery.


Uncle Sam’s site writes of these women:

The women pilots trained combat pilots. They test-flew repaired military aircraft. They towed airborne targets so the men could shoot live-fire rounds at them. They were subject to living in a barracks and military discipline.

Their Commander, Gen. Henry H. “Hap” Arnold, created the unit with the intention of it becoming a full military unit…but he was denied. And there are only about 100 or so women left alive- all of whom are in their 90’s.

The WASPS had been declared “active duty military” by law since 1977. There were originally 1,000 WASPs.



When 2nd Lt. Elaine Harmon, a WASP, died in 2015, her family asked for her to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery and their request was denied. The family fought to have her buried there, and on May 20, 2016, their “mission was accomplished.”

Thanks to legislators, historians, family members, other WASPs and their families, Congresswoman Martha McSally , an Air Force veteran, introduced HR 4336, which had 191 cosponsors.


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