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Writer Who Helped Pen “Art Of The Deal” Thinks Trump is About to QUIT!

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There have been a number of wild predictions regarding the Trump presidency in recent weeks, but this latest speculation will leave you speechless.

As the President has begun to face serious peril in his fledgling first term, a number of democrats and turncoat republicans have been not-so-quietly wondering about The Donald’s future in politics.  Fueled by the liberal “resistance” to any and all things Trump, a number of congressmen have attempted to introduce articles of impeachment against the Commander in Chief, all to varying degrees of failure.

According to one of Trump’s former acquaintances, however, these meek attempts at political sabotage may not be necessary in the coming months.

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“Will Donald Trump resign from the White House? If you ask the ghostwriter of his 1987 memoir ‘The Art of the Deal,’ the answer to that question is yes.

“Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of the famed book, took to Twitter to state his belief that the President will reach a certain point where he has no choice but to resign, and that time may come much sooner than you’d expect.

“According to Schwartz, Trump acts according to what he believes will be a win or a loss. If he perceives his time as President to be a potential loss, he will call it quits and declare victory.”

Schwartz has been an extremely active piece of the liberal “resistance” to the President, even after spending over a year and a half working with Trump on “The Art of The Deal”.

In addition to these already incendiary comments, Schwartz continued his Twitter tirade to include calls to action for his fellow anti-Trumpers.  By calling for “resistance every day”, Schwartz has effectively asked Americans to bring the Washington machine to its knees; something that could very likely cripple the progressive that the administration has been able to eek out among the plethora of manufactured dissent from the left.

Furthermore, the ousting of Trump would likely create an extremely volatile situation across the nation.  Once again, the left will need reminding that Donald Trump was elected President by a majority of those in the electoral college, and that he still has the support of We The People.  His fall from grace will certainly incite his vocal conservative base, and further the stereotype of the liberal left’s shadow government known as the Deep State.

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