Wow! Are we Watching the Death of the RNC?

For several presidential campaign seasons, we have seen the RNC place dead horses in the race. First McCain then Romney, both beating the drum of middle ground and “we ain’t them so vote for us.” All the while not recognizing that they were leaving their base, they put up people that they thought would toe the line.

Now, we have seen an all-out revolt among voters. Tired of the false promises and the fake people, they have chosen a man that at least seems willing to fight the slide into socialist big government policies.

Now we have Paul Ryan threatening noncooperation with Donald Trump.

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The Washington Times reports

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Thursday that he is withholding his support from presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, adding to the bizarre and tense conversation that has erupted as the party tries to come to grips with its new standard-bearer.

This is not a surprise, considering that Paul is an establishment party guy. After all, he is the thing about the GOP that makes Christian Conservatives sick, and the libertarians vote DNC. But that these people would rather throw their support behind no one than support Trump is telling.

Now we are told that Romney will not attend the nomination of Trump.

Breitbart reports

“Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, plans to skip this summer’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland where Donald Trump will be officially nominated — an unusual move that underscores the deep unease many Republican leaders have about the brash celebrity mogul as their standard bearer,” the Post reports, adding that a Romney staffer said, “Governor Romney has no plans to attend convention.”

What does this mean? Will the party mainstays and establishment burn their own party to the ground? Will they show their true colors and support Hillary? I hope they do. At least then, they will not be hiding behind my beliefs any longer.

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