Utah Court Restores Ban on Polygamous Cohabitation. The Reason Why Will Surprise You.

Have you ever felt as though you lost even when you won? You can say that you were given what you wanted, but not how you wanted. This has to be the way that Kody Brown, star of TLC’s Sister Wives, must feel after the recent court battle.

Christian News reports

A federal appeals court has restored Utah’s ban on polygamous cohabitation in stating that the law posed no threat to polygamists since the state has outlined that it will not be enforced unless other crimes are involved.

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In other words, there is no reason to deal with the law’s constitutionality because no one plans to enforce the law. The only time it would come into play is if the perpetrators were guilty of some other crime.

So if a man had defrauded his “wife” and she reported the crime, then the husband might face the additional charge. Likewise for abuse or sexual assault. But this was not what Brown was hoping would happen.

Christian News reports

In December 2013, Judge Clark Waddoups, nominated to the bench by then-president George W. Bush, sided with Brown in determining that Utah’s prohibition on polygamist cohabitation violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments, and interfered with the right to privacy. He pointed to the 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas, which decriminalized sodomy in the nation, and differentiated unmarried sexual conduct from criminal bigamy.

The ruling was a victory for Brown and those living like him. It would have made polygamy legal in Utah. They had the courts blessing to live as they pleased. But this new ruling opens the door for future prosecution. It also stigmatizes the situation.

Brown plans to appeal the ruling, either back to the 10th Circuit en banc or to the United States Supreme Court.

“We’re only guilty of trying to love a different way than the norm,” said supporter Brady Williams, who has five “wives.” “They are marginalizing a minority class in the United States. That’s unconstitutional.”

How can they not see that the same could be said of any deviant behavior? A child molester could make the same argument.

The problem is that without the unchanging standard of Scripture as our standard, we have no hope to say anything is wrong. I discuss the Churches need for the Law of God in my book: An Everlasting Covenant. Buy it at Amazon.

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