Donald Trump CALLS OUT Hillary Clinton Over Trade Deal

There is one thing that cannot be denied, and that is Trump knows a few things about business deals. Like him or hate him, he knows a good deal, and he knows how to make good deals. This is one of the reasons that he has lasted so long in the business world.

This should mean that the man would know a bad deal as well. It is only a logical conclusion, right? If Trump, the good businessman knows a good deal, we can infer that he also knows bad deals. He can recognize them it should be fair to say.

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And Trump is telling America two things about the TPP deal. It is bad, and Clinton is going to ram it down our throat if she is elected.

Breitbart reports

A Hillary Clinton Presidency would enact the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and lead to a massive jobs depression in the same pattern of Clinton’s career according to Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump, who laid out a litany of Clinton misconduct in a highly anticipated Wednesday morning address.

What is bad about the TPP is that this is the one thing that Clinton will be able to do even if there is a Republican Congress. As I reported, many Republican main-streamers have pushed this deal for years. And as Trump pointed out, so has Clinton.

Breitbart continues

Just as she has betrayed the American worker and trade at every single stage of her career and it will be even worse than the Clinton’s NAFTA deal. And I never thought it could get worse than that. We will lose jobs. We will lose employment. We will lose taxes. We will lose everything. We will lose our country.

At least 45 times Clinton pushed for TPP between 2010 and 2013 as she held the position of Secretary of State according to a CNN article posted one year ago.

Trump is breaking from the party once again to say what he thinks. He might be better for the job than we think.

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