What Miss Alabama Had to Say About the Recent Violence [VIDEO]

There is this idea that has been circulating in Western society.  It is this Utopian: “We are all in this together,” mentality.  Entwined and entangled in this idea is that we should not see differences in one another.

The white and black community should not notice that we are white and black.  We are told that we should not have this inner struggle to prefer our people to other people.  We are not allowed to notice if we see injustice, especially if it means that our people are being wronged.

One lady is finding what she has been taught by this Utopian Dream and how she feels no longer mesh.

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Fox reports

The first African-American Miss Alabama called the man who shot and killed 5 Dallas police officers during a Black Lives Matter protest on Thursday a “martyr.”

Kalyn Chapman James, who was crowned in 1993, said in a tearful video on Facebook Sunday that while she doesn’t want to “feel this way,” she finds it difficult to be sad for the departed police officers and “can’t help but feeling like the shooter was a martyr.”

Now, if we take this statement, and analyze it just in black and white, it seems that she is saying that the shooter was in the right.  He should have been out to kill white people and especially police.  But if one watches the video that this quote came from it seems to be a young lady confused.  Confused by what she feels and how she has been told she should feel.

We have been taught that all violence is wrong always.  Even as men like Micah Johnson are trained to use violence, we tell everyone that violence is the wrong reaction.  James is at a crossroad of morality it appears.  Is it right for the police in Dallas to die for deaths in other cities?

James knows that is not the right thing.  But, as we see the killing, lawfully or unlawfully, of black men by white cops, there have to be feelings of rage.  If it were European white Christians, I would probably feel the same.

As we look at the facts of black deaths at the hands of cops, we see that the alarm of such groups as Black Lives Matter is unwarranted.  But the media does not report about white cops killing white men.  Where’s the news in that?

The only thing that I would have to ask James is why does she not weep in a video for the millions and millions of black babies that have been murdered through abortion?  Or why does James not wish that black thugs who kill black children in an attempt to kill one another were being gunned down?

There is a lot of talk about white hatred and killing when 90% of all black deaths in Chicago are at the hands of black murders.

Where is the rage for those deaths, or is the only Black Lives that Matter are those that can gain funds and start riots?  I do not think this is the way James feels or what she thinks.  I believe she is being sincere.  I only wish she was this sincere about all black deaths.

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