John McCain Introduces Provision to Include Women in Registration for Military Draft

There is a natural progression to things. Most of us fail to understand the connection that is inherent in our thinking. Most of us are not able to use the logical side of the brain as it has not been trained and exercised. So, many are surprised that recent moves within society to mar, distort, or destroy femininity have led to a new call for women to serve.

But, what surprised us, even more, is the source of this call to service. We see those who have claimed Christian and conservative values turn on their constituents. And they have done this with no real outside pressure to do so.

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Breitbart reports

Republican-controlled Congress had its own bout of gender dysphoria, the trendy new ailment defined as stress caused by inability to identify with your biological sex. The Armed Services Committees of both Houses have approved legislation that would require young women to register for Selective Service, which puts them on a list to be called up for military combat.

The House committee acted first, voting 32-30 to include young women in the registration for a military draft. Two weeks later the Senate committee included a similar provision by order of its chairman, John McCain, and a motion to delete that provision was defeated by a vote of 19-7.

Some have asked what possible motive could they have to make such moves. There has been no trouble for the Arm Forces to meet their female quotas. And a forced enlistment policy for women seems unlikely to bolster our fighting strength.

I rather wonder if this is not symbolic. And doubt very seriously whether this would ever have any real effect on these young ladies in the first place. What threat do we lack the soldiers to face? What enemy would we need our women to fight to defeat?

No, my concern is not that these women would ever be drafted. Nor does my interest lie with is it right to force women into military service. My question is whether it is just to force anyone into military service.

This conscription at the point of a gun is a humanist and communist ideal. It has no place in a godly society (Deut. 20:1-9), and it surely was not something that you will find in the Constitution.

The draft registry should be burned for men, and never seen for women.

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