Extreme Intolerance Against Christians Is Being Pushed in the Name of “Tolerance”

Ever wonder what it was like to live back in Lot’s day? Have wondered to yourself what it was like to live in Sodom? What it would have felt like to live among all those depraved people. How it would have felt to work and trade with those who hated God. Well, it has finally come to the point where we can say it is not far off.

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As I reported, there is a couple in Texas who own a bakery. They have refused to make a cake for a two sodomites. They even went as far as to recommend other bakers willing to accommodate them. But rather than take their business and money elsewhere, they have sought to force the couple into compliance.

Fellowship of the Minds reports

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Julie Brown Patton reports for The Gospel Herald, March 15, 2016, that a few days later, the Delormes were informed by a local newspaper reporter that Valencia and Marmolejo were publicly accusing them of discrimination.
Harassment and threats poured in, including vile posts on the bakers’ Facebook and Yelp pages.
Edie said, “Our son got a call where they threatened to burn our house down and violate him with a broken beer bottle. That was probably the worst.” The couple also have an eight-year-old daughter.

Rather than letting these people live out their faith and going somewhere else, they and other sodomites are committing crimes against their property and threatening rape against their child.

Often the media and those of the liberal persuasion like to paint Christians as intolerant, but what the Scriptures and life teach us is that it is actually the contrary which is true.

Sodomites and those who support their perverse behavior want conformity, and it seems are willing to go to any lengths to accomplish that end.

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