Wow! Look What Fundraising Site Did to Pro-Life Organization

It is becoming more and more apparent that there is only one group that can be discriminated against in America; the Christian. If you are at odds with deviants or pedophiles, and you are Christian, you have no chance of winning. And if you wish to raise money to buy equipment to save babies, you will be shut down.

Christian News reports

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Recently, the Monroe HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center in Monroe, North Carolina set up an account on YouCaring to raise funds for a new mobile ultrasound unit. The campaign was entitled “Help Drive Up Funds for a New Life-Saving RV Unit!”

On Monday, a representative of the pregnancy center contacted YouCaring to inquire how to add another name to the account for access, and hours later received a message that the entire fundraiser had been shut down completely as it had been deemed “not a good fit” for the crowdfunding site.

Youcaring is supposed to be an organization started by Christian Missionaries, but a Christian organization is not a good fit for them? What would have happened had this been the other way around? What would we expect if this “Christian” founded organization would have shut down a Pro-Abortion fundraising campaign?

We all know that the ACLU would have been on the case and had three lawyers at Youcaring headquarters before the day was out. They would have cried discrimination. They would have cried hate crimes and intimidation. They would have sued and probably won.

And though Youcaring claims that the reason for them shutting down the site was because abortion can cause division in the community, they had no problem allowing Pro-Abortion fundraising.

Christian New reports

Last September, a couple used YouCaring to raise money to fund an abortion after they were informed that their unborn child had been diagnosed with spina bifida. The couple, identified as Eric and Jordan, raised $2,000 before their campaign was suspended.

Lee stated that the couple had suspended the campaign themselves and would have been “subject to review and potential removal” if it had come to the attention of YouCaring sooner. Other reports state that the couple might have suspended the campaign because they had raised enough money to obtain the abortion. Lee would not state whether or not YouCaring provided the funds raised to the couple.

What we have to realize is that this bigotry is only going to get worse. If we do nothing about such situations, it will only get harder to defend ourselves later.

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