With the World on Fire, Obama Focuses on this Ridiculous Issue?

Millions of people are out of work. Wages are on the decline. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing. ISIS is overtaking the Middle East and Europe. America and Russia are at the door of World War III. But President Barack Obama can’t spend time on these issues. He has a more important crisis to deal with. Obama wants to make sure you get your money back from airlines if your luggage is late.

Thanks to Obama’s policies, many Americans are living the reality that they can’t even afford an airline ticket. Yet Obama is working hard to make sure the big, evil airlines return luggage fees when your luggage is not waiting for you at baggage claim.

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Obama is obsessed with refunds. Remember when every America family was to received $2500 under Obamacare? Apparently destroying the best health care in the world wasn’t enough for Obama. Now the airlines are in his crosshairs.

In an announcement posted Sunday, Obama boasted about his governmental overreach into a private industry. He droned on about the numerous new regulations and requirements he has forced on the airlines. What is remarkable is how proud Obama is rattling off directives to an industry he has now business interfering with.

See Obama’s full announcement below.

This week, I was proud to build on that progress with even more actions to save you money, create more competition in the marketplace, and make sure that you’re getting what you pay for.
First, we’re proposing refunds for anyone whose bag is delayed – because you shouldn’t have to pay extra for a service you don’t even receive. Second, we’re requiring airlines to report more information on things like how likely it is that you’ll lose your luggage or reach your destination on time. Third, we’re providing more protections for travelers with disabilities. And finally, we’re ramping up transparency requirements for online ticket platforms – so sites can’t privilege one airline over another without you knowing about it.

Obama claims his blatant overreach is creating more competition. This is not surprising coming from someone who has spent his life suckling at the government’s tit. By chaining everyone to all the same regulations and rules, you are removing every possibility of competition.

Competition develops in companies being allowed to offer different benefits and prices. Forcing all airlines to operate from the same playbook remove every last area to contrast on. True competition results from allowing airlines the freedom to offer luggage refunds on their own. As a result, this allows airlines to set themselves apart. However, regulating them all to do it removes competition.

Obama boasts, “Hopefully this will help you avoid headaches.” The only headaches I get are from his ignoramus policies that are killing the free market and industry in America.

Obama hates competition. Furthermore, he hates freedom. This is proven every time he brags about the new regulations he is issuing. January 20, 2017 cannot come fast enough.

But that’s just my 2 cents.


Pamela Adams

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