You Won’t Believe These People’s Answers When Asked Who Won the Revolutionary War [VIDEO]

Jesse Watters with Fox News went out and did several man-on-the-street interviews with people about Memorial Day, and particularly about the wars that America has fought in the past.

While people seemed to understand that many Americans would be off from work on Monday because of Memorial Day, not all of them understood what exactly Memorial Day is supposed to be about.

When asked what Memorial Day commemorates, one woman responded, “Why did you have to pick me to do this?” Another answered, “I’m not sure.”

Regarding the Revolutionary War, Watters asked which country America defeated. Answers ranged from France and Russia to Germany. When Watters hinted to one respondent saying, “They like tea,” she answered correctly – the British.

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As to who won the Civil War, according to one woman, Asia won. According to another, the Soviet Union was the victor. Other answers included the French, the English, the Germans, the Russians, and the Japanese.

Watters tried to hint at the answer by reminding one person that the Civil War was fought between “the North and the South.” The person said, “North America and South America?”

Responding to the same question, one man said, “That was us,” who won the Civil War. “It was Europe, France, and America,” before realizing that whatever he was talking about wasn’t the Civil War. “No, wrong…I am terrible at history,” he said.

Then, the subject of World War II was brought up. Watters asked whom we fought in that war. A woman answered that we fought the French – before correcting herself that the French were an ally of ours in that war. Others suggested we fought the Russians or the Chinese.

My personal favorite was the question, “Who did America fight in the Vietnam War?” This is kind of like asking, “What color was Paul Revere’s brown horse?” or “What year was the War of 1812 fought?”

But people still managed to get this one wrong. According to one woman, the U.S. fought Korea in the Vietnam War. Another said that we fought France (granted, it was the same woman who answered France for pretty much everything).

And according to one respondent, the Cold War was fought to “free the slaves.”

Yes, there were some right answers as well – particularly from one guy who donned a Trump pin on his shirt.

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