Michael Moore

You Won’t Believe What Michael Moore Just Tweeted About Brexit


Prominent liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has been a fierce opponent of Brexit. In a tweet immediately following the Brexit vote, Moore offered the United States as a replacement for the United Kingdom in the European Union. He also accused Britain of “build[ing] a wall,” of “hatred of immigrants” and “xenophobia.”

Obviously, Michael Moore is not a fan of Brexit. In fact, he’s so opposed to it that he offered the United States to take the place of the UK in the EU. He tweeted out:

“Europe, u are better off w/o Brits! Now that there’s a vacancy, take us! We want what Europe has: free health care, free college, real beer!”

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Michael Moore

(I’m not sure what he’s talking about with “real beer.” We have plenty of fantastic local microbreweries here in the States.)

In the days leading up to the Brexit vote, he voiced his opinion, saying that the UK should remain in the EU. The day after the vote, Michael Moore tweeted:

“Fear wins out in UK. Britain votes to ‘build a wall’ by leaving EU. Hatred of immigrants, xenophobia, nationalism reign.”

Liberals often talk about how much they value the voice of the people. You know, democracy and all that. But they don’t actually care about the voice of the people, unless the majority opinion happens to coincide with what they want.

Brexit was the result of democratic vote. It was a bare majority, but a majority nonetheless. It represented the voice of the people.

But liberals here in the States didn’t see it that way. Liberals are only in favor of people declaring their independence from an oppressive regime as long as those people happened to be labeled by our government as “freedom fighters.”

Usually, when our government labels a group of people “freedom fighters,” it just means that our government is covertly supplying a band of terrorists – or, “freedom fighters” – with money, heavy weaponry, manpower, and training, and using them to overthrow a foreign government that our government doesn’t like. It’s always for geopolitical purposes and never has anything to do with national security.

In every other case, liberals view any group of people who seek independence from the government as domestic terrorists, regardless of whether or not independence was decided by a majority opinion.

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