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You Won’t Believe What Constitutes “White Supremacy” Now

There are certain buzzwords that the radical left loves to use in order to shame their political enemies, no matter how unrealistic their claims may be.

This is due to the progressive left’s incessant need to invent new insults to use agains their conservative foes.  The tactic is simple; by creating the rules as they go, there is no possible way for the rest of the nation to keep up with the correct” terminology, automatically rendering whatever these liberal agitators state as fact.

Terms such as “racist” and “bigot” have been old standbys for those looking to denigrate their politic opposition, particularly in the age of President Trump.  As those hateful terms become old-hat, however, new, more offensive insults have been rolled out by the radical left.  Their latest term du jour has been “white supremacist” – a viciously abrasive phrase that conjures up some of the most horrific images that Americans have been subjected to in our long history.

The left has been slinging “white supremacy” around in abundance ever since the radical leftist riots of Charlottesville, Virginia weeks ago.  Now, however, they have gone too far.

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“A Twitter-certified journalist has attributed laws protecting private property to ‘white supremacy,’ drawing a flood of criticisms and mockery.

“Sarah L. Jaffe, Nation Institute fellow and journalist whose work has appeared in Salon, the Week, the Washington Post, and the Atlantic, slammed the Miami Police Department for a Twitter ad warning against looting, since the looters featured in the accompanying photo happened to be predominantly black.

“In her Tweet, Jaffe stated that ‘the carceral state exists to protect private property,’ which seemed to imply that the defense of private property is a bad thing and a tool of ‘white supremacy.’ She failed to give her opinion concerning whether the state should defend the property of people of color.

“Jaffe’s Tweet received 4,300 “likes” but also unleashed a hurricane of scorn, which took a wide variety of forms.”

The unbelievable idea that locking up those who chose to exploit a natural disaster in order to loot and steal is somehow akin to racism, in any way, is indicative of just how far removed the radical left is from reality.

It’s as though affirmative action should somehow extend beyond its societal bounds and be used to rescue criminals from their own crimes.  Worse yet, by applying race to the subject of law and order, Jaffe and her cretinous colleagues have fomented racism of their own.  This was an issue about whether or not laws had been broken only until Jaffe herself made it about race.

Who’s the racist now?



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