DISGUSTING: This Atheist Group Is Planning Their Own Theme Park, and It’s Repulsive [VIDEO]

The Atheist group Tri-State Freethinkers have planned their own “Genocide and Incest Park” in response to Prominent Creationist Ken Ham’s Bible-themed park called the Ark Encounter.

The Ark Encounter is scheduled to be opened this coming July in Williamstown, Kentucky, and it will center on a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark, which will also contain 132 Bible exhibits.

The Tri-State Freethinkers – an Atheist group which has over 1,300 members across the tri-state area (Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana) – set up an Indiegogo page to raise money for a billboard campaign, which would denounce the Ark Encounter park as it “celebrates a biblical parable of genocide and incest,” as their fundraising page reads. It continues:

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“While they have a legal right to celebrate their mythology, we find it immoral and highly inappropriate as family entertainment. Help us remind the surrounding community and potential patrons that the biblical story of Noah’s Ark is immoral and should not be encouraged as a family fun day.”

The Atheist group was able to raise the necessary funds for a small billboard campaign. They brought in $2,700 in the first 24 hours. Now, they’ve set additional fundraising goals, the last one being $150 million, which would cover their own “genocide and incest” theme park.

tri-state freethinkers

The Tri-State Freethinkers mocked the Noahic theme park, stating that “they are portraying the story of Noah’s Ark as an actual historical event,” which the Atheist group contends is “scientifically not possible.”

They call the story of Noah’s Ark “immoral,” and state that “genocide is not a reason to celebrate,” and that “incest is not a reason to profit.”

It remains to be seen whether this Atheist group will provide reasons for believing that things such as “genocide” and “incest” are “immoral,” considering that they have no moral standard to make such judgments, even mocking the idea of having moral standards. Without a fixed moral standard, Atheists have no logical reason to make moral judgments at all.

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