Women’s Day Off is a Slap in the Face

Dear Readers: The following is not a story written by me. It is written by my wife Marilyn, and she has my full support.

Dear Women’s March “People”,

As a woman I would like for you to change the name of your organization; if that’s what you want to call it. Not only do you not represent most women, but most women are ashamed that you share our gender.

You call yourself Pro-Woman when what you truly are is anti-baby and anti-woman because you encourage women to abuse their bodies by ripping their babies from  their wombs.

You do not speak for me. You do not represent me. You have done more to harm women than any man ever has.

Call yourself the Anti-Man March or the Baby Murdering March. Do not call yourselves the Women’s March because you are not out there for women.  You are out there to figuratively castrate men, support killing babies, and make fools of yourselves in general.

You say you’re pro-choice. Well, what about those women in China who would choose to have their babies but are forced to have abortions. What have you done for them lately? I’ll tell you what–nothing!

You would rather walk around the streets with a paper representation of your genitalia on your head than to actually get up off of your behind and do one thing to actually help women.

Do you honestly think walking down a street in Washington, DC with a sign that says “Grab Anarchy by the P@$$y” is really helping women on this planet who are truly being oppressed and abused? If so, you’re a special kind of stupid.

Now you are calling for women to come together and form a day without a woman strike. How is that going to help the single mother trying to raise her children if she loses a day’s pay?

What type of women are going to be striking? The type who can have the luxury of someone else taking care of their children. The type whose parents are paying for their education but won’t go to class because they have what they consider a good excuse to skip.   The type who have enough money and free time to do something so asinine. The type who only care about their opinion and to heck with everybody else. The type who really wish they would have been born with a penis.

I dare you to do one day of Real Woman’s Work and then you’ll be begging for a day off. You won’t use that day off to march down the street. You’ll use it to take a shower that lasts more than 5 minutes, to actually eat a meal that has some resemblance of warmth to it, and if you are really lucky to shop for something for yourself because being a real woman is hard work and doesn’t usually afford you such luxuries.

So if you want to take your pampered, spoiled rotten behind and protest or strike, you go right ahead and do it. BUT you stop doing it under the name of WOMEN, because you do not represent US!!!

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