What Do Women Want in this Election?

The general inquiry, “What do women want?” is one that will never be answered, as most women don’t know what they want. Focusing on what women want in this Presidential election, however, may be a more realistic question and the answer could make one of our candidates the 45th President of the United States.

What do women want in this election? It depends. It depends on if you’re talking to a reasonable person or not. Our country has been intentionally and painstakingly “dumbed-down” to the point that most Americans only see party affiliations. One is either a Democrat or a Republican – and the two shall never meet. Because of party affiliations, we sum people up immediately. We either refuse to engage in a conversation, thinking we already know what they’re going to say, or, we engage with the force of a blunt object over the head as we go in for the kill. The result of both strategies has failed our nation. Our leaders walk around arrogant and unchecked, while we walk around ignorant of the issues. Unreasonable women think this election is about electing the first woman for President. Others pay no attention to the media’s bias and dereliction of their duty to inform the American people, while some put on blinders to the brazen corruption of their candidate. But, what if we stopped thinking “Democrat” versus “Republican,” and instead thought along the lines of what is best for America?

What does America want?

  1. America wants a President that understands and takes seriously the Islamic and Russian threat to our national security. Our nation is teetering on WW3 and no one is talking about it. Russia and Syria are making bold ultimatums of the U.S. They have drawn a hard line in the sand which has been met with, somewhat of, a lackluster response by our President. ISIS has said it will infiltrate our borders with its jihadi fighters. Yet, our President and Hillary Clinton cannot bring themselves to utter the words “Islamic terrorism,” which, of course, does not bode much confidence in their ability or willingness to protect us from such threats. The latest leaked emails of those closest to Hillary now reveals she understands fully that we cannot vet the Syrian refugees adequately. Yet, during both Presidential Debates she continues to insist that she will implement proper vetting. America wants to know that our leaders take the threats of terrorism against our nation and her people seriously.
  1. America is concerned about the Supreme Court justices our next President will nominate. The next President will shape the Supreme Court for generations to come and, by extension, shape our country for generations to come. We know that the next President has one seat to appoint and likely could end up nominating as many as four seats. That’s amazing! This decision will forever change the very core of who America is. Hillary Clinton has already made clear her opinion concerning Religious Freedom. Stating in her keynote speech at the Women in the World Summit in 2015, ‘…religious beliefs’ must be changed for the sake of abortions. We know Hillary’s opinion on our Second Amendment or gun rights. WikiLeaks email reveals Hillary’s plans to bypass Congress and use Executive Orders to impose universal background checks and gun manufacturer liability.
  1. America is concerned about the criminal activity that has infiltrated our government. What we’re learning from all the leaked emails, Hillary’s Pay-to-Play scandals, the botched FBI investigation over Hillary’s illegal email systems and the numerous other revelations, is that our government is Corrupt – with a capital “C”. Americans are beginning to see, ever so clearly, that we have two systems: one for the “elites” and another for the rest of us deplorable, basement dwellers, losers, ordinary Americans. How can America be for “We The People” if it has been hijacked by a bunch of tyrannical globalists? Answer: It can’t. We are losing, if we haven’t already lost, what we inherited, what so many, who came before us, bleed to secure and defend. We want our America back!
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These are the topics, the policies, the discussions America cares about. We DO NOT care about the innumerable women who are crawling from under rocks to accuse Trump of misconduct.

What America does NOT want?

America does not want to waste another minute talking about what Donald Trump said 10, 15, 20 years ago. America does NOT care! America understands that these discussions are nothing more than distractions. They are unimaginative deceptions. America understands that if you want salacious stories one need to look no further than Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is the personification of the War on Women. For instance, just to name a few:

  1. Bill Clinton’s law license was suspended because of the Monica Lewinsky sexual scandal.
  2. Bill Clinton paid $25,000 in fines over the sexual scandal.
  3. Bill Clinton was fined $90,000 in the Paula Jones case.
  4. Bill Clinton paid $850,000 to settle the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Paula Jones.
  5. Bill Clinton was also impeached in the House of Representatives.
  6. Bill Clinton has visited what is known as “Pedophile Island” on more than one occasion.
  7. Bill Clinton, according to flight logs, flew on the sex offender’s infamous jet, the “Lolita Express,” 26 times.

Perhaps you’re saying, “So what. Bill Clinton is not running for President.” Although this is a completely disingenuous and intellectually dishonest response, you are correct. Bill is not running for President. However, Hillary has referenced Bill’s work and legacy numerous times during the Presidential Debates to bring legitimacy to her own campaign, thus allowing Bill’s egregious behavior towards women to be brought into the spotlight as a testament of his and Hillary’s judgment.

Fortunately for Trump, he really doesn’t need to focus on Bill, as Hillary has enough scandals of her own plaguing her candidacy. Interestingly, America’s wants mirror the wants of reasonable women throughout our country. Reasonable women who know that this Presidential election is much more than who has ovaries and who does not. It is about the very survival of our nation.

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