Women For Trump: Hillary’s Worst Nightmare

As 13- year-old Faith Graham took to the stage at the Donald Trump rally in Arizona earlier this week, she sent a clear message. She took to the stage to demonstrate that women, of all ages, recognize the importance of what is at stake during this election. When she took to the stage, the tenacious 13-year-old spoke of a life that she has imagined for herself. She imagines a happy life with a big family, a chance for a successful career in political journalism, and ultimately she imagines a life in which she can be free. It is for these reasons that Faith Graham is vocal about supporting Donald J. Trump’s efforts to be the next President of the United States.

While the left wing likes to put women in a box and pit their gender against the ideals of the GOP, Women for Trump are coming forward and in full force in order to stop the Constitutional crisis that a Clinton administration would bring to our country. From a legal immigrant who wants Trump to secure the border to a 1st time political activist, women are ready to vote for Trump, even if he wasn’t their first choice. On Wednesday six Women for Trump took to the air waves on the special edition of ‘The Kelli Ward Connection’ on KFNX in Arizona to voice their support for the Republican candidate for President.

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These women feel that Trump’s message of “America First” resonates and is consistent with his anti-politician disposition. As a self-funded candidate, these women feel safe knowing that Trump will not sell them out. They also felt as though Trump is a uniter, someone who is truly trying to bring people together. Arguably, he has done that. This year’s primary and early voting has brought out people who ordinarily wouldn’t have voted. Additionally, Trump’s ability to connect with his audience has encouraged people get active by speaking up, attending rallies, and becoming political activists for the very first time in their lives.

More than their belief in Trump is these women’s anti-belief in Clinton. These women for Trump refuse to be fooled by the antics of the Clinton campaign and they refuse to be blind to the truths of Clinton and her hold on the media. They argue that if censoring conservative though on Facebook, Twitter, and in the news were a few isolated occurrences, it would be easy to look the other way. However, the reality is that these occurrences are not isolated, they are constant and they are hurting our ability to speak freely and be heard in this country. These women for Trump advocate that it is time, despite the overload of information being thrown your way this cycle, to start doing your own research and time to listen. It is now getting harder to deny that the media is in fact part of the Clinton Cartel and they are willing and will stop at nothing to feed the public whatever the Clinton Campaign wishes.

The number of times women have been have been told that they have to vote for Hillary because she is a woman is far too high to count. The Clinton campaign has time and time again tried to perpetuate that there are women’s issues that Donald trump could not possibly understand and that his female supporters don’t understand. Women for Trump know better than that. Women for Trump are passionate and vocal on every issue, because they know that there is no such thing as a women’s issue. Every issue from reproductive health to national security is a women’s issue because as women of this great nation, there is an obligation as citizens, not as women, to take an interest in our nation’s political interests and issues.

Women for Trump, like 13-year-old Faith Graham, don’t see themselves as women supporting a man for president. They see themselves as women who are fighting for freedom, constitutional principles and not adhering to the Clinton based culture in which women are treated as a special interest group. Women for Trump across the nation will take to the ballot box on November 8th, with passion in their hearts for maintaining our freedoms and reclaiming our country from the grip of the liberal left. Women for Trump, like those featured on the ‘Kelli Ward Connection’, are ready to elect a President not based upon gender but rather based on who they believe will defend our constitution and uphold the great ideals of this nation, and in this election cycle there is only one candidate who will do that: Donald J. Trump.

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