Woman Refused Service for Wearing a “Police Lives Matter” Shirt

A Texas woman married to a police officer was refused service in a supermarket after an apparently black cashier got a glimpse of the message on her t-shirt, which proclaimed that “police lives matter.”

The woman, who chose to be identified only as Meredith, told ABC affiliate KTRK, that the teenage cashier did not address her directly about the shirt but instead spoke with a coworker. “She was stating that the shirt I had on was basically a slap in the face to her and she was doing everything she could not to cry,” Meredith told reporters.

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But the incident is not isolated. Opposing Views notes a similar occurrence in Alexandria, La., where a woman named Sabrina Farace says she was refused service at Kroger. Farace, who is herself on the force, provided details of her ecounter to the website Blue Lives Matter:

On 09-27-16 at approximately 4:00 PM I was in Kroger’s shopping with my 6-year-old daughter. I walked up to the checkout line and placed my items on the counter for the cashier to scan my items. She sat there for a few moments and kept looking at me odd. When she refused to speak or pick any of my items up, I asked her if I could help her.  She replied, “Do you have your Kroger card?” At which I responded, “Yes, I do.” I handed her my Kroger member card and she reluctantly took it from my hands.  After she took [the card] I was waiting for her to continue checking me out. She looked at me and with a rude tone she asked  “Are you on the force?” I stated, “Come again?” She asked again, rudely, “Are you on the force, are you a cop?” I stated “Yes, maam I am a cop.”  She then looked at me and stated, “I can’t check you out, I have to go get my supervisor.”


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