Woman Gets DUI, Blames it on Trump’s Election!

Donald Trump’s becoming sort of like global warming these days. Everything bad that happens is because of him.

People are rioting, breaking stuff, setting things on fire, blocking traffic, hurting others, all because of Trump. And now, a Minnesota woman is blaming Trump’s victory for the fact that she was caught driving drunk. From the Star Tribune:

A day after Americans voted for president, an extremely drunken motorist rammed into two vehicles stopped at a traffic signal in Lino Lakes and explained to police afterward that she was drinking to drown her sorrows over Donald Trump’s victory, authorities said.

Elizabeth L. Lundberg, who turned 33 while in the Anoka County jail, is charged with gross-misdemeanor counts of criminal vehicular operation and third-degree driving while intoxicated in connection with the crash late Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of Main Street and Lake Drive.

The criminal complaint said a preliminary breath test measured the St. Paul woman’s blood alcohol content a few hours after the crash at 0.33 percent, more than four times the legal limit for driving in Minnesota.

She’s now saying that she’s not really political, and that she didn’t “shed a tear” after Trump won. But when she got pulled over, she told the cop, “I am upset over the outcome of the election, and you should let me go home.”

After she was released from jail, she told a reporter with the Star Tribune that she made her comment “well after I asked if everyone was OK, and I said it sarcastically.” She added, “It was such a fleeting comment.”

Apparently, the others who were in the car with her at the time of the crash sustained minor injuries.


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