A Woman Explains Why She Will Vote FOR Trump and Not AGAINST Hillary

We all see many emails and we often delete them but a recent one caught my attention. As I read it, I thought to myself that whoever wrote it, supposedly a woman, but who really knows, has made a number of great points as to why everyone should vote FOR Donald Trump and not just vote against Hillary Clinton.

I hope and pray you take the time to read this and share it with as many people as possible. Anyone that considered themselves a patriotic American who cares about the future of our country and families should find this list very compelling:

“Someone asked me today how, being a woman, I could stand up for Trump, a misogynist, a racist and a bigot. Here is my answer:

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Because I use my head to research and find out what candidates really are, not what the media wants me to think.

Because Donald Trump has more women in executive and managerial positions than any comparable company, which tells me he is not a misogynist. …

Because he pays these women the same or more than their male counterparts, which tells me he looks for capacity and skills in people, not color, gender or race.

Because he fought the West Palm Beach City to be able to open his newly purchased club, so he could include blacks and Jews as members, who had been banned until then. This tells me he is not a racist.

Because he has raised wonderful children that have turned out to be outstanding, hard-working and compassionate adults. He must be doing something right.

Because his economic plans make sense, are conservative in nature, and I vote based on what is best for my family, my friends and my country.

Because everybody, the left and the right, is afraid of him, the media is trying to destroy his image, and even foreign governments are voicing their opinion, so he must be doing something right. Clean house maybe?

Because I want a SCOTUS that will uphold the Constitution, not behave as minions of the Administration. I have had enough with judges that are more like political activists than law enforcers. I do not want the same fate for the SCOTUS.

Because I fear for my family’s safety if the current trend of not confronting blatant terrorism continues which is a threat to our way of life.

Because I am fed up with the rampant corruption of this Administration. Accountability in government is paramount, and as this Administration has demonstrated, it is a foreign concept to them.

Because I am fed up with the political correctness gone wild, and because he is not afraid to say what everybody thinks but does not dare to say. A thug is a thug, regardless of color, and that’s it.

Because it is about time someone puts America’s interests ahead of other countries.

Because I know he recognizes and embraces America’s exceptional-ism, and will not tour the World apologizing for who we are. That tells me he is a patriot.

Because, unlike Hillary Rodham Clinton, he has actually held a job, worked hard and achieved success.

And last, but not least, because I am more offended by what Hillary does than by what Trump says.”

I would like to add to this list that Trump has promised to secure our border and deport all illegals who are criminals instead of letting them free to terrorized our families as the Obama administration has done and Hillary plans to continue.

Trump has pledged to stand behind law enforcement personnel rather than hinder their ability to perform their jobs without fear of being prosecuted.

Trump plans to rebuild the military that Obama and Hillary have worked so hard to weaken and destroy.

Trump plans on working for middle and lower class families while Hillary wants to raise their taxes and put millions more out of work.

Trump plans to stop every one of Obama’s executive orders that have hurt jobs and the economy.

Trump plans to eliminate Obamacare while Hillary has been pushing for socialized healthcare ever since her husband Bill was president.

Recent evidence has shown that Hillary is just as sexually reprehensible as the Trump video, but Trump has admitted his mistake and apologized, Hillary continues to defiantly lie about everything.

Voting for Hillary promises America not four more years of Obama politics but worse. She plans on making America weaker, fewer jobs and raised taxes. She will continue to work for our enemies and against our allies as she did while serving as Secretary of State.


Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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