Woman Berates Trump Supporter on Plane, what happens next makes Passengers Erupt in Cheers!

What in the world is going on with people in America?

What happened to being able to disagree about politics with turning to vitriol, hate, and shame?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just get together to debate things like welfare reform, justice reform, immigration reform, taxes, spending, foreign policy, etc.? Sadly, we’ve not been able to have these conversations for some time now and so the left has become used to getting away with just calling conservatives mean names on any of these issues.

  • For welfare reform? You hate poor people.
  • Against criminal justice reform? You’re a racist.
  • Against amnesty? For greater border security? You’re a xenophobe.
  • Want lower taxes? You’re Greedy.
  • Want less spending? You don’t care about the needy.
  • Want less involvement in foreign affairs? You’re being selfish and uncaring.
  • Want more involvement in foreign affairs? You’re a violent, imperialist.

On and on and on the tropes continue and for every issue under the sun the left has a mean-spirited epithet to tie conservatives to. Sure, we may have facts, data, rational and intelligent arguments for each of our positions… but none of that matters because liberals believe they know each of our hearts. Not only do they know our hearts, but they know that in our hearts the “real” reason for our political beliefs is… HATE.

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Need an example to prove the thesis? Then here is exhibit A.

This past week an elderly woman verbally attacked a young man on a flight. Why? Because he was a Trump supporter. The angry woman berated the young man loudly and when a flight attendant arrived to see what the problem was, the woman demanded that the man be moved away from her. The woman grew ever more heated and obstinate until finally the airline was forced to remove her from the flight (with the aid of police). The best part of the whole terrible and ugly ordeal? The passengers erupted in applause as the old, mean-spirited liberal was escorted from the plane.

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I. Can’t. Even.


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