Heart Wrenching Story of Woman Who Had an Abortion and What Happened a Few Weeks Later

Just weeks after a woman had an abortion, she hanged herself, leaving suicide notes recounting her grief associated with her abortion.

Twenty-one-year-old Jade Rees from Oldham – a town in Greater Manchester, England – first became pregnant in 2013 with a previous boyfriend with whom she broke up four months into her pregnancy. She lived as a single mother to her son until early 2015 when she started a relationship with another man. She became pregnant during their relationship, but after five months, he apparently left her for another woman. Following that breakup, she decided to have an abortion in October.

Weeks after her abortion, she attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on prescription drugs, but she was not successful. She was rushed to the hospital in time for doctors to be able to save her life. Following her hospital stay, she was admitted into a psychiatric care center.

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But just days after her first suicide attempt, she hanged herself at home, leaving behind suicide notes explaining to her family her grief associated with her October abortion.

According to officials, Rees had suffered from eating disorders and depression ever since she was about 14.

The Metro reported:

Jade Rees, 21, took her own life after terminating a pregnancy after a five-month relationship with the baby’s father had broken down.

An inquest at Rochdale Coroner’s Court heard how the decision had left Jade ‘upset and distressed’.

On the night of November 3 last year, she had played Ed Sheeran’s ‘Small Bump’ before taking her own life.

She had left a handwritten note to her parents and two-year-old son explaining the struggles she faced since the procedure.

The Blaze highlighted lyrics to the referenced song “Small Bump”:

“You’re just a small bump unknown and you’ll grow into your skin

With a smile like hers and a dimple beneath your chin

(Oh) Finger nails the size of a half grain of rice

And eyelids closed to be soon opened wide a small bump

In four months you’ll open your eyes”

As The Blaze pointed out, the song “communicates the grief a parent experiences upon losing a child.”

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