Are we Witnessing the Death Of Liberty In Turkey

Turkey is currently undergoing very alarming changes. Her people and her neighbor question what her fate will be in the wake of these changes. Marshall law like state of emergency has been declared in the wake of upheaval in the military.

As I reported, there was a coup attempted, blamed on an opposition leader. This leader is in exile in America. Since then, the government has begun gradually increasing crackdown.

The Washington Post reports

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Turkey signaled possible harsher crackdowns ahead Thursday, suspending an international rights accord just hours after taking steps toward a nationwide state of emergency in the wake of a failed military coup.

The hard-line moves contrasted sharply with an effort by Turkish officials to reassure the country that the post-coup upheavals — including tens of thousands of people in custody or under investigation — would not harm the economy or permanently roll back democracy.

But there are looming questions about the coup and its authenticity.
The primary beneficiary of the coup is the man it was supposed to replace. And this fact has many asking if he was not the one behind the whole thing.

Fox reports

Last week’s failed coup attempt left Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in such a strong position that many Turks and others believe he himself engineered it – or at the very least knew of it and let it play out to his advantage.

Supporters of the “staged coup” theory say there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence to support their claim, and have busily discussed and debated the topic in social media – which has a huge engagement rate in Turkey – and other platforms.

With many reasons to suspect that Erdogan was losing his grip on the country, he now is in a stronger position than ever. Besides that, he has been given power that will be hard to roll back if he takes the right steps. And is this not the model for destroying a democracy?

Many have taken the president’s statements about Adolf Hitler and his rule in Germany to mean he longs for such power. Is this coup Erdogan’s Reichstag fire?

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