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President Trump's Birthday is on June 14th, as he turns 72!

Wish Trump Happy Birthday

Do you want to wish him happy birthday?

Donald Trump celebrates his second birthday as President of the United States on Wednesday as he turns 72 years old. The President's list of achievements continues to grow as he makes America great again. From putting the American economy into high-gear, protecting the American people, serving our veterans and more, Trump has been hard at work.

"From now on, America will be empowered by our aspirations, not burdened by our fears; inspired by the future, not bound by the failures of the past; and guided by our vision, not blinded by our doubts." — President Donald J. Trump

As President Trump celebrates his birthday, let's wish him a Happy Birthday as a small thanks for all he's done for America!


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Let the President know you're thinking of him on his 72nd birthday!



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