The Wisconsin Recount has Started and Guess How Many Votes Hillary has Picked Up?

The Wisconsin recount began on Thursday morning, and so far, they have found some discrepancies compared to the initial vote.

Suffice it to say, Hillary Clinton has been awarded one (1) extra vote.

The Journal Times reported:

The first results in Thursday evening were from Menominee County. Trump lost two votes compared to the initial count and Democrat Hillary Clinton lost one. Stein gained 17 votes and Libertarian Gary Johnson picked up 12 — a discrepancy the state Elections Commission reported was due to “human error” in which their vote totals from certain wards were omitted from the initial tally.

They have until December 13th to finish the recount of nearly 3 million votes, so they’re likely to find more discrepancies like this. But Trump won the state by 22,000 votes, so a few missed votes here and there aren’t likely to change anything.

In many cases, the discrepancies are due to a voter’s error in marking their preference. For example, instead of filling in the oval, the voter may have circled their preference. The optical scanners aren’t going to know the voter’s intent, and those votes won’t be counted unless there’s a manual recount where a recount worker can clearly see the voter’s choice.

Dane County has to recount about 300,000 votes. The county clerk told The Journal Times that between 36 and 40 workers will work 12 hours a day – and paid $20 an hour – possibly for the next 12 days to conduct the recount by hand. Neither the county clerk Scott McDonell nor the State Elections Commission chairman Mark Thomsen – a Democrat – think the recount will change anything. “I think it’ll be very close to what was reported on election night,” said McDonell. Dane County’s recount alone will cost about $343,000.

Jill Stein paid the state’s Election Commission $3.5 million for the recount. Following the recount, there will be a true-up in which Stein’s campaign will either be refunded or billed the difference.


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