Wind Industry: Global Warming, not Wind Turbines, Responsible for Wildlife Deaths

According to a wind industry lobbyist, global warming – or “climate change” – is to blame for wildlife mortality, not wind turbines.

We had previously reported on former Maryland Governor and Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley’s comments about how global warming presented the “greatest business opportunity” over the last century. Manmade global warming proponents couch their desires for financial and political gain in legitimate-sounding environmental concerns. They’re more likely to get people on their side and obtain government grant money if they say that they’re for additional restrictions and regulations on the fossil fuel industry because of public health and safety concerns, and because of the threat posed by “climate change,” a phenomenon they claim is exacerbated by coal, natural gas, and oil production.

In addition to the public health and safety concerns allegedly precipitated by these “dirty” energy sources, these same proponents claim that manmade climate change will also have the effect of wiping out much of the world’s wildlife.

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John Anderson – a lobbyist for the wind energy industry – stated that climate change is the biggest threat to wildlife. Ironically, while environmentalist groups align themselves with so-called green energy groups, some of those same “clean” energy sources such as wind are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of birds a year, generally something that one would not expect environmentalist groups to support. CNS News reported:

John Anderson, senior director for permitting policy and environmental affairs at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), said at an event on Friday on Capitol Hill that climate change, not wind turbines, poses the “greatest threat” to wildlife and that without “drastic steps” being taken, up to half of all species around the world will be lost “in our generation.”

In his prepared remarks, Anderson said, “Regardless of what type of individual, localized impacts you might see from any type of human activity, climate change is the single greatest threat to wildlife.” cited statistics from a 2013 study in the Wildlife Society Bulletin, reported by the Institute for Energy Research (IER) in 2015, showing that every year 573,000 birds, including 83,000 raptors, and 888,000 bats, are killed by wind turbines, and asked Anderson if he could provide data showing how climate change posed a greater threat to the birds.

Listen to his response here:

One of the oft-cited reasons environmentalist groups give for being opposed to fossil fuel usage is the industry’s deleterious effects on wildlife, particularly in an oil spill incident. In their appeal to emotion, environmentalist groups will post pictures of oil-soaked seabirds and sea otters.

The BP Oil spill in 2010 has reportedly contributed to some 800,000 bird deaths in the years following the incident. In contrast, wind turbines were responsible for killing about 3 million birds in the same time frame.

Of course, if this is about which entity kills the most birds, then the focus shouldn’t be on the oil industry or the wind industry. U.S. News and World Report humorously noted that cats kill on the order of “1.4 to 3.7 billion birds a year.”

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