Will Trump Give Hillary a Free Pass or Send Her to Prison?

I wasn’t a happy camper when Trump spokesperson Kelly Anne Conway said Hillary needs to heal.

Trump’s campaign promise was to hire a special prosecutor.  So why is Trump backing off? Is Trump really backing off is the question?  My wishful thinking suggests it’s another Trump head fake. I don’t like wishful thinking because wishful thinking tends to make excuses for Presidents. You end up turning into a cult follower and will make excuses for him. There’s a big difference between supporting a President and holding him accountable and becoming a cult follower. You can also go to the opposite extreme and criticize everything and never give Trump a chance. Keep in mind though, Trump is the king of head fakes.

A President Trump is limited in what he can do against Hillary Clinton.

Can a president choose to a support a special prosecutor or not?  Absolutely.  The question is, does Donald Trump really need a special prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton.  It’s apparent between Wikileaks and mountains of evidence, it won’t take much to put Hillary away. Nobody believes James Comey’s cock and bull story for a minute. Without Obama breathing down Comey’s neck, do you really think he’s going to continue to circle the wagons for Hillary Clinton?  Come on. Many believe Comey would like the chance to restore his reputation as head of the FBI.

Jeff Sessions as Attorney General is not going to sit on overwhelming evidence that indicts Hillary Clinton.

Nobody is going to stop Sessions from going after Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump will not stop Sessions from pursuing Hillary. The Justice Department along with the FBI will go after Hillary. There’s too much evidence sitting out there for them not too. Let the wheels of justice turn.  There’s so much corruption out there that Trump won’t have to get his hands dirty.  His Justice department will do the wet work for him.

Trump is a master of using the element of surprise in taking out the enemy.

There’s a chance that this scenario is playing itself out.  If Trump was really going to give Hillary a pass, why would he be letting everyone know this early on? This announcement of giving Hillary time to heal was intentional. The Democrats are waiting to see what Trump does with Hillary. Democrats actually would love Trump to pardon Hillary instead of Obama having to do it. It would get them off the hook and it would outrage Trump supporters. I don’t think Obama really wants to pardon Hillary.  He doesn’t like Hillary and I don’t think he gives a rip what people think.  Trump is not going to fall on the sword for the likes of Hillary Clinton, I can promise you that. Donald Trump does not want to see Hillary pardoned by Obama. Giving Obama the idea that Trump is going to go soft on Hillary may make Obama decide not to pardon her. This scenario that I just laid out may be a bit of wishful thinking, but I’m optimistic of Hillary being brought to justice.

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