Robert Mueller

Will Special Counsel Bob Mueller Pass the Real Test?

The Presidency of Donald J. Trump is revealing the depth of corruption in Washington, DC in a way and to a degree that is shocking, indicating something terrible is going to happen.

No nation can long abide the degree of criminal activity seen in our national government.  The rule that no empire has lasted more than 250 years is in the ether.  We are now 241!  Will America celebrate 2026?

When the list of lawyer-investigators Robert Mueller, Esq. appointed was published we were alarmed, but then thought he was making a clever move to guarantee that when he came up with nothing he would not be accused of being “in the bag” for President Trump.  I expected Mr. Mueller would then put an equal, or nearly, number of Republican lawyers on his staff, but he has not and in fact has continued to add more devout, hard-core liberals to this phalanx.

Robert Mueller should have been disqualified from selection for his role as an independent counsel-investigator for his well-known friendship with fired FBI Director Comey seen in pictures together that made us wonder, “Did they get a room?

Director Comey disgraced himself forever when after making an iron-clad case on Hillary Clinton in July 2017 and concluding, “No objective prosecutor would bring this case forward,” adding “…there was no intent.”  When you set up a private Internet server in your basement after being told in writing it was illegal “there was no intent?

Why are people who have committed manslaughter in accidents while drunk or drugged in prison?  They certainly had no intent.  Since when is intent required to have committed a felony?  What does taking $145 million for the Clinton Foundation from a Russian funded company in return for 20% of all the uranium mined in North America in perpetuity mean to people paranoid over Russian entanglements?  Why are these folks not jumping up and down on that “matter.”  Will Mr. Mueller expand the Russian questions to those regarding Hillary?

That is the Mueller test.

Adrian Vance

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