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Will RNC Take Donors’ Advice and Drop Trump?

There is nothing uglier than our current political scene. There have been few times if ever in our history that we were facing worse candidates. And for you Green Party and Libertarian supporters, I count four losers, not just two. And so, the American people are stuck with four bad choices.

We can vote in a Washington insider thug and international criminal.
We can vote for a possible pedophile, womanizing millionaire. There is also the option to go third party and vote for a virtual idiot who has no clue. And last but not least there is the eco-Nazi.

In this climate of clowns and fools, we are now told that there are some of the donors to the GOP who want a refund.

Fox reports

Some of the Republican Party’s biggest donors called on the Republican National Committee Thursday to sever ties with presidential nominee Donald Trump in the wake of the controversy surrounding claims of sexual assault and the recent hot-mic recording of him that was leaked last week.

A group of generous contributors to the GOP told The New York Times that it’s time the party stop affiliating with Trump and focus on those who represent the party’s core conservative values.

“At some point, you have to look in the mirror and recognize that you cannot possibly justify support for Trump to your children — especially your daughters,” David Humphreys, a Missouri businessman who has donated more than $2 million to the Republican party since the 2012 election, told the paper.

It is hard for me to believe that if these stories are true, and they possibly could be, that these people had no knowledge of them. How is it that a man repudiated to have ten fewer dollars than God has never been sued for such activities?

Hillary buries those who tell tales out of school on her, how did Donald miss this? It just does not seem probable that this would not have been bought and paid for before the election even began.

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