DISGUSTING: What These Pro-Abortion Activists Did at North Georgia University Will Shock You

I have often wondered what it was like for Christians who lived in a non-Christian culture. Living in the South, I have been somewhat insulated from ungodly society. At least until several years ago, people in the South pretended to be Christian.

I always imagined a cold indifference to wickedness. It seemed that since God tells us that the mercy of the wicked is cruel, there would be a lack of care for others. But I could have never guessed to what extent this would go as our cultures abandons God.

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Christian News reports

Students at the University of North Georgia reportedly laughed last week as they broke the heads off cookies depicting babies in the womb, which were a part of a pro-abortion display created by the campus atheist club.

Photos of the display posted online show containers of the cookies, some of them with their heads broken off, surrounded by signs that read “abortion should remain legal because…” Students wrote in their own reasons, such as “a woman controls her own body” and the grotesque “my v*gina is too pretty to let a fetus crawl out.”

Is it not enough that these children are being exterminated? Is it not enough that this industry of murder is attacking the most helpless in our society? But now, these wicked people, in a foolish gesture to impress their wicked friends are mocking their deaths.

How far have we fallen as a country that we would not only sit by while children are murdered and dismembered, but those victims would then be mocked by our children?

Christian News continued

The photos were announced by conservative blogger Matt Walsh, who was tipped by a woman named Carly who was apparently a witness to the campus display.

Walsh also found the pro-abortion display to be distasteful.

“To make a joke or game out of decapitating kids isn’t simply ‘inappropriate’—it’s subhuman,” he wrote. “I shudder especially when I think about the kind of woman who would consider it funny to pretend to eat a baby, or who’d write ‘My v*gina is too pretty to let a fetus crawl out.'”

How do we ever expect to escape the wrath for which this kind of behavior begs?

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