Will the #NeverTrump Campaign Leave Generations with No Constitution?

The #NeverTrump campaign pretends Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are equally bad, ignoring what Hillary will do to the Supreme Court.

This interview on Fox News spells out what the #NeverTrump campaign tries to hide: that the Supreme Court hangs in the balance in this election.

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With the death of Justice Scalia, the Supreme Court is at a pivotal moment. If Hillary gets elected, her promised liberal Supreme Court appointments could practically annul the Constitution. Donald Trump, on the other hand, promises to appoint conservative judges. Mike Pence, his running mate, has assured us Trump will make good on his promise.

How can the #NeverTrump campaign claim that Donald Trump is just as bad as Hillary Clinton?

We know that Trump needs the Evangelical voting bloc. We also have good reason to believe he does not want to be a one-term loser. Appointing a replacement for Scalia will have to be one of the first things Trump does as President.

Is it likely that Trump will break his promises? No!

Nevertheless, the #NeverTrump campaign pretends that there is no good reason to vote for Donald Trump.

As I wrote a few weeks ago,

It almost seems that some Christians believe, because they are sure that Trump has not lived up to their moral standards, it is ethical to exaggerate his negatives. It’s as if Jesus doesn’t mind us gossiping about pagans.

Trump has made promises about judicial appointments, abolishing Obamacare, and many other things that are conservative and the very opposite of what Hillary promises. Speculation that he will break some of those promises does not outweigh the promises we know Hillary will keep. One of the two candidates is going to determine the ideological bent of the Supreme Court. You have two possibilities. Which do you want to become a reality?

The #NeverTrump campaign is selling a dangerous fantasy.

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