Indiana School Board to Scuttle Valedictorian System!

Why do we do the things that we do? Why do we work hard at our jobs? Why do you think some study hard? There is a goal to be reached in our efforts. Sure there are times that we do what is best because it is best. Most of the time though our efforts are a means to an end.

Those who are the top performers in schools are seeking the reward of being the top in their class. They have set their sights on advancing farther in this world, and the first step in this goal is to win valedictorian. For one school system, this might be coming to an end.

The Washington Times reports

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An Indiana school board is considering a proposal to stop naming valedictorians and salutatorians in favor of a more inclusive program to honor top-ranking students.

Superintendent Andrew Melin of Greater Clark County Schools said there is growing sentiment in schools across the country that the valedictorian system creates unhealthy competition between students.

“When students are competing for the Val and the Sal they’re trying to find ways to maneuver through the system to try, and get the best grades they can possibly get, as opposed to taking the course work that’s truly in their own best interest,” he told a local ABC News affiliate.

This almost seems to be in line with what these students have been taught since they were elementary age. Everyone gets a trophy. No of us are better than any other. We are all equal and deserve equal.

The problem with this is that egalitarianism (the belief that we are all equal in every way) is not only socialistic, but it also breeds mediocrity.

The hard working students in Greater Clark County who would have hustled and strived will find it acceptable to drop from the one present to the ten percent. And, we will see played out in this school district the result of socialistic ideas.

Lowered effort and expectations.

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