Will Hillary Clinton be Indicted or Will the Media Protect Her?



Ugh. Just gross.

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According to CNN Hillary Clinton will NOT be indicted for her many obvious crimes. I’ve long assumed that this would be the case, I mean, it’s just too much to ask for the government to enforce our laws when a Clinton is concerned.

With that being said, over at Fox News, pollster Frank Luntz disagreed with CNN’s take and argued that Clinton would indeed be indicted.

Frank Luntz: Bill Clinton has to have known the impact that it would have if he got on that plane.

I don’t understand why he would do it except that once again it’s like sabotage. That there’s something about him, that even though he says he works so hard for his wife that on those key moments he seems to do her so much damage.

And the FBI is absolutely accountable and responsible. And if Loretta Lynch really holds true to what she just said I have to take back everything I’ve said on FOX & Friends. I actually do believe now that if this is true that she will be indicted…

Tucker Carlson: This is like the fifth time that Bill Clinton has sabotaged his wife’s political career. I’m not a shrink, I’m not going to pretend to be one on television, but there is something going on here beneath the surface. I mean there is no possibility that this is all accidental. I mean, come on.

Frank Luntz: Well, I’ve studied this. This is part of my profession, this is what my Ph.D is actually is in. And one has to wonder what is actually going on in Bill Clinton’s mind right now and what’s going on in Hillary Clinton’s household right now.



I’m not sure I believe Luntz on this, but I do hope that he is right. We KNOW, just from the information that has leaked out through the media, that Hillary Clinton has most assuredly broken more than a few laws over the Obama era. Over at NBC, Andrea Mitchell argues that no matter what happens next… Hillary Clinton will always be under a cloud of suspicion.

Chuck Todd: Donald Trump has his own reaction to the FBI interview. And he’s already come to a conclusion: ‘It was just announced by sources that no charges will be brought against Crooked Hillary Clinton. Like I said, the system is totally rigged.’

Andrea Mitchell, even if she’s exonerated, Donald Trump already has his talking points thanks to the tarmac meeting.

Andrea Mitchell: First of all, he’s been calling her Crooked Hillary Clinton for quite a while, so that is branding her in advance. But the tarmac meeting was an unforced error, inexplicable…

Something should have told this former constitutional law professor from Arkansas not to do it. Something should have told Loretta Lynch to say, Mr. President, let’s go down — I know it’s a 108 degrees, we checked — on the tarmac, they could have walked into the terminal, any place in public.

To be on that plane for 30 minutes, now no matter what happens, if she is exonerated, she will still be — there will still be suspicions, not only among the Donald Trump people, but among a lot of other people, there will be suspicions that it was politically influenced. 

This was absolutely a disastrous decision on their part. 


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