Will Republicans in Congress Be Able to Bring Hillary to Justice? [VIDEO]

If history is any indication, the GOP Congress will not bring Hillary to justice.  Don’t get me wrong. I applaud Trey Gowdy’s effort to grill FBI director James Comey. He’s a skilled prosecutor, and he’s fun to watch.


Will these hearings help the 2016 presidential election in the minds of voters?


However, haven’t we seen these types of performances before from Trey Gowdy? Remember Benghazi? The problem with Gowdy is that he is subservient to GOP Leadership and doesn’t lift a finger until either Boehner or Ryan gives him the green light.  Who has gone to jail with Benghazi? Who has been prosecuted with Benghazi?  

Real justice in Benghazi would constitute at a minimum rounding up every last jihadist who stormed our diplomatic compound and sentencing them to death, and the dismissal of every last member of the State Department whose incompetence, ignorance or political expedience resulted in our men being sitting ducks in hostile territory to maintain a politically correct narrative in the wake of our disastrous Libyan intervention.

From the looks of things, for the victims of Benghazi, the best they may be able to hope for in the way of justice is that Hillary Clinton is never elected President of the United States.

While necessary, that remedy seems wholly and woefully insufficient.

The problem with the Benghazi hearings was that there were no real teeth to them.  They were endless show hearings. These hearings dragged out endlessly with no real prosecutions, nobody fired and nobody held accountable. They dragged on endlessly with screams from voters to set up a select committee.  They didn’t strike immediately while the fire was still hot and the people responsible, including Hillary Clinton, could be held accountable.

The IRS scandal is another perfect example of Republicans dropping the ball.  Lois Lerner was never prosecuted. John Boehner made sure that Obama was never held accountable. Remember John Boehner saying someone was going to jail?  Nope. Not going to happen. The truth is, the GOP Establishment was more than happy to see Tea Party organizations and other organizations go through the ringer with the IRS.

Hillary will not face justice, and the House hearings will be for complete show, and they will eventually lead nowhere.  Many Republicans running for re-election will tout their involvement in these hearings to voters and let them know how they are really sticking it to the Obama administration.  Voters will buy what they are selling and vote for Republicans running for re-election, but in the end, it will all have been for show.

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