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Will the Flames From the Iranian Missiles Seal Obama’s Lips?

Iran is pushing the envelope to see if the world has the stomach to challenge them on their recent activity. If the world lets Iran get away with this ballistic missile firing violation, then the world will be a less stable and safe place. This act and the possible response is more than the fact that Iran violated a UN agreement. It is about what message this sends to terrorist groups around the world as to the will to fight terrorism. As I watched the video of Iran’s two ballistic missile launches over the last few days, I wonder if it is possible that the exhaust flames from those missiles have silenced that former President Obama?

President Obama invested an enormous amount of his political capital to secure the Iranian nuclear agreement. With the launch of the missiles in direct violation of the UN resolution, one would think the world would have to act. The question is, will it? I don’t expect the former president to speak out, but rather he will remain silent until the parties stake out their ground. Even after the stakes have been pounded, he may not say anything for fear of damaging his legacy.

If the recent actions by Iran bring about new sanctions, will they be initiated only by the United States? Will the UN, whose agreement has been violated by Iran’s actions, call for new sanctions? This violation will be a test of the United Nation’s will to confront member nations who violate its agreements. My inclination is that the UN will do nothing of substance, and the United States alone, or perhaps with some allies, may issue sanctions on their own, outside of the United Nations. If I’m right, I would expect the UN to criticize the United States and other nations who might join in trying to protect the world against such violations.

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I think Mr. Obama is stuck between a rock and a hard place because of his support for the Iran nuclear agreement. It will be difficult for him as a former president to speak out about what Iran is doing. For former President Obama to have any credibility, he will have to support what Mr. Trump wants to do. We are already seeing some Congressional Democrats calling for sanctions, which will make it even harder for Obama to speak out.

Who would have thought that within the first month of a new presidency, that the predecessor could be silenced for some time from commenting on any substantial issues affecting the nation? The former president is tongue-tied now, especially because of the actions of a few Democratic senators who want sanctions. In addition, the Democratic senators who did not show up for the hearings on cabinet appointees further silence his voice. The senators, and by their action Obama, gave up their right to vote and comment.

Those senators are a disgrace to the legislative process. I believe that every vote is critical, regardless of whether you are a senator, or work in an entry-level job, or are even out of work. Voting is your way of letting people know what you want to happen. If you do not show up to vote and then try to express your opinion, you have no opinion. The people who are represented by those senators who didn’t show up and vote should be outraged at their elected officials’ actions. In addition, they have effectively taken away the previous president’s voice. When it is time for the no-shows to be reelected, I hope the voters take their actions into account.

President Trump believes he was elected to bring about change, and that change started from the day he took office. A great many of the things he is changing originated during the Obama presidency and are now rapidly disappearing. The Iran deal is one thing that is part of the Obama legacy. It now appears all of our fears and concerns about our ability to trust the Iranian Government are, as Reverend Wright said, “The chickens are coming home to roost.” This time the chickens may be carrying nuclear bombs in their talons.

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